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Jan 10 2014   6:28AM GMT

Finding a sequence

Richard Siddaway Richard Siddaway Profile: Richard Siddaway

I saw a challenge to find the occurrences of the sequence 1759 in the larger sequence 11759171759.  It was originally presented as a SQL Server based challenge to be solved with TSQL but we can do this just as easily with PowerShell using Select-String

£> $data = ‘11759171759’
£> Select-String -InputObject $data -Pattern ‘1759’ -AllMatches | foreach {$_.Matches.Index}


Create a variable to hold the big sequence and use that with the –InputObject parameter of Select-String. Supply the pattern to be tested and use –AllMatches to get all matches not just the first which is default. The resultant MatchInfo is piped to foreach-object where the Index of each match is retrieved.

if you want to see the full MatchInfo

£> $m = Select-String -InputObject $data -Pattern ‘1759’ -AllMatches
£> $m.Matches
Groups   : {1759}
Success  : True
Captures : {1759}
Index    : 1
Length   : 4
Value    : 1759

Groups   : {1759}
Success  : True
Captures : {1759}
Index    : 7
Length   : 4
Value    : 1759

The indexes are zero based.  Add one if you want the position based on a starting index of 1

£> foreach ($match in (Select-String -InputObject $data -Pattern ‘1759’ -AllMatches).Matches){$match.Index + 1}

Interesting puzzle that gives a good example of using Select-String

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