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Jan 11 2008   5:27PM GMT

Quiz: What’s new in mobile and telecom?

Margaret Rouse Margaret Rouse Profile: Margaret Rouse

mobile_tv.gif You’re an expert in your own area of technology,
but how much do you know about what’s going on
in the mobile/telecom game?

1. The Federal Communication Commission’s auction will begin on January 24, shortly before Super Bowl XLII. What are they auctioning off?
a) analog airwaves returned by television broadcasters
b) antenna space on new and existing towers

2. Why was there a blogswarm and lots of TV news about Frontline Wireless closing its doors?
a) it was the first big Web 2.0 startup to fail
b) it was the only company that expressed interest in creating a U.S. National Public Safety Network

3. According to Forbes Magazine, what is America’s most wired city?
a) Seattle
b) Atlanta

4. Which government agency lost phone service because they couldn’t keep track of charges and neglected to pay their bill?
a) Federal Bureau of Investigation
b) Federal Communications Commission

5. What is wireless charging?
a) a proposed national standard for mobile phone charging, using USB instead of propritary connectors and voltages
b) a way to charge your cell phone without actually having to plug it in to something

6. Why is the iPhone considered to be a disruptive technology?
a) because there are so many features on one device (iPod, phone, Internet, photos, text messaging,video, etc.)
b) because it showed the wireless industry that a profit could be made on mobile devices, not just cell phone contracts

7. What is air-time marketing?
a) a business model where cell phone service would be absolutely free because sponsors would foot the bill
b) permission-based advertising via Bluetooth — for instance you might walk past a pizza parlor and receive a coupon on your phone

8. What is the Open Handset Alliance?
a) a consortium led by Google to develop open standards for mobile devices
b) a group of teen-age hackers who claimed responsibility for unlocking the iPhone

9. What is Android?
a) a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications
b) mobile humanoid robots equipped with VoIP phones that will take the place of traditional phone booths in Grand Central Station

10. What is the purpose of a cell phone jammer?
a) to prevent rude people with cell phones from talking by sending out a radio signal so powerful that their cell phone is overwhelmed and cannot communicate with a cell tower
b) it allows users in different cell phone networks to initiate free conference calls

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