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November 9, 2016  8:50 PM


Margaret Rouse Margaret Rouse Profile: Margaret Rouse
Agile software development, DevOps

BizDevOps, also known as DevOps 2.0, is an approach to software development that encourages developers, operations staff and business teams to work together so the organization can develop software more quickly, be more responsive to user demand and ultimately maximize revenue. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“The tricky challenge of BizDevOps is to ensure that information is shared equally with everyone — particularly developers — so customer-first decisions are made.” – Valerie Silverthorne

Learning Center
Tried and true advice for getting started with BizDevOps
BizDevOps, the next gen of DevOps, will take time, patience and sweeping cultural changes in order to work. Here’s a roundup of advice.

BizDevOps and digital performance management are the new drivers
Call it BizOps or BizDevOps, digital performance management uses metrics to determine which slow pages to fix first. And no, it’s not the slowest one.

Wondering what comes after DevOps? Developers, it’s time for BizDevOps
BizDevOps is next-gen DevOps, bringing business people into the development and deployment process. Here’s how and why it works.

Overcoming the scale-up challenge of enterprise DevOps adoption
CIOs and IT leaders share their advice on what enterprises can do to accelerate the spread of DevOps within their organizations.

Learn the secrets of developing soft skills in coders
Developers with strong communication skills are in demand today. Expert Bruce Tulgan explains developing soft skills in coders.

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IT operations
agile software development
real-time analytics
app monitoring

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Agile DevOps
DevOps and IT certifications and training

November 7, 2016  9:47 PM

clickstream analysis

Margaret Rouse Margaret Rouse Profile: Margaret Rouse
CRM analytics, E-commerce

On a Web site, clickstream analysis (also called clickstream analytics) is the process of collecting, analyzing and reporting aggregate data about which pages a website visitor visits — and in what order. The path the visitor takes though a website is called the clickstream. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“By using customer data analytics, companies have made significant strides in understanding customer preferences and behavior.” – Lauren Horwitz

Learning Center
Companies still struggle to unlock customer data analytics insight
Customer data analytics is the new black in sales, marketing and service. Companies know understanding customer data will lead to success in the future.

Customer personalization brings intelligence to sales and marketing
Companies no longer succeed with generic messaging to customers. Companies are investing in customer personalization technologies to help them tailor messaging to their clientele’s needs and preferences.

Customer data silos continue to hobble the omnichannel experience
Companies believe in the omnichannel experience and the ability to serve customers seamlessly across communication channels. But customer data silos still hobble the vision.

Data collection practices spark debate on big data ethics, privacy
The increasing emphasis on collecting and analyzing customer data is driving a debate on big data ethics and whether tighter privacy rules are needed to protect consumers.

Clickstream data edges retailer into ‘big data’ analytics territory
Big data analytics grapples with huge data sets coming at a quickening pace, but one Gartner analyst said data variety is having the greatest impact on businesses. Learn why that is and how the analytics environment is changing.

Related Terms
CRM analytics
bounce rate
Web mining
implicit data


Related Tags
CRM analytics and business intelligence
Big data analytics

November 7, 2016  4:27 PM

poison mailbox

Margaret Rouse Margaret Rouse Profile: Margaret Rouse
Exchange 2010

A poison mailbox is a corrupted mailbox on the Exchange Server that causes disruptions on the Exchange database store. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“There is no doubt that email can be problematic in businesses, particularly in large enterprises. The sheer volume of email messages, sprawling distribution lists and the unsuitability of using email to transfer and collaborate on documents are real issues.” – Paul Cunningham

Learning Center
Understanding message queues in Exchange 2007 Queue Viewer
Read how Exchange Server 2007 message queue types guide mail flow through a transport pipeline and learn how to monitor the Queue Viewer to prevent issues.

The best email security gateways: A buyer’s guide
Learn how the best email security gateways work, how they protect enterprises from emails threats and how to select and buy them.

Email attacks that threaten networks and flood inboxes
Several types of email attacks plague user inboxes and the enterprise network. It’s up to the email admin to thwart intruder viruses and spam.

Detecting and Combating Malicious Email
In this excerpt of Detecting and Combating Malicious Email, authors Julie JCH Ryan and Cade Kamachi discuss the elements of an email structure and touch on how attackers can use these elements to trick unwitting victims.

New technology competes to become email replacement
Collaboration services such as Slack seek to displace email where others have tried and failed. Is a viable email replacement on the horizon?

Related Terms
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
registry key
email spoofing
Exchange 2013 Poison Message Queue
Sender Policy Framework

Related Tags
Microsoft Exchange Server administration tools
Email and messaging threats

November 3, 2016  8:08 PM


Margaret Rouse Margaret Rouse Profile: Margaret Rouse
DevOps, SDN

OpenConfig is a working group and network communication model that seeks to standardize network management interfaces and APIs across vendors. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Software-defined networking has matured from a science experiment into deployable, enterprise-ready technology in the last several years, with vendors from Big Switch Networks and Pica8 to Hewlett Packard Enterprise and VMware offering services for different use cases.” – John Burke

Learning Center
Yahoo, Verizon execs: Prepare your networking team for SDN and DevOps
Verizon and Yahoo talked about the need for networking team members to look toward SDN and DevOps at ONUG’s fall 2016 conference.

How to assess the benefits of SDN in your network
The proposed benefits of SDN are becoming clearer, as are the questions you should ask about an SDN deployment to address your networking issues.

Could OpenConfig resolve automation struggles?
In this SDN blogs roundup, OpenConfig could make automation easier and why enterprises should keep it simple when solving network problems.

DevOps or SDN? You’ll need them both to work together
When it comes to DevOps or SDN, do you really need to choose one over the other? Most IT shops will need both. SDN will be the ultimate DevOps tool set, while DevOps will make IT pros SDN-ready.

Where SDN and DevOps tools meet
Combining SDN and DevOps tools will mean the network can play a key role in IT orchestration and an application-aware, responsive infrastructure.

Related Terms
application program interface

Related Tags
SDN research
Network automation and orchestration

November 2, 2016  8:18 PM

human capital management (HCM)

Margaret Rouse Margaret Rouse Profile: Margaret Rouse

Human capital management (HCM) is an approach to employee staffing that perceives people as assets (human capital) whose current value can be measured and whose future value can be enhanced through investment. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“The HCM system journey doesn’t stop at go-live, so thinking about how the system will be managed in the immediate and long-term periods after the go-live should be in the project plans from the start.” – Luke Marson

Learning Center
Vendors showcase five new HCM technologies
Executives from SAP, Halogen Software, ADP and two other vendors took the stage to describe new HCM technologies developed during the past year.

Seven keys to a successful global HCM implementation
A proactive and strategic approach to your HCM implementation helps ensure success. Here’s advice on managing a global human capital management rollout.

Tokyo firm enters human capital management software race in U.S.
A Japanese vendor prepares to enter the U.S. with human capital management software, while ADP and Workday offer improved payroll integration.

Your guide to successful HR and HCM software implementation
Successful HR and HCM software implementations require a holistic strategy. Our essential guide leads you through one, from research to user adoption.

Steps to take before implementing a cloud-based HCM system
The efficiencies of a cloud-based HCM system can provide a wealth of value, but before you make the move, you need to evaluate your current HR infrastructure.

Related Terms
TM software
employee assessment software
continuous performance management

Related Tags
Human resource management systems
Talent management and recruiting software

November 1, 2016  9:04 PM

born digital

Margaret Rouse Margaret Rouse Profile: Margaret Rouse

Born digital, in reference to people, is a description of individuals who have grown up with the current state of ubiquitous computing and communications, typified by technology like smartphones, social media and near-continuous Wi-Fi networks. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Millennials’ technology expectations have been shaped by smartphones, Facebook and digital media — in other words, by easy and ubiquitous connectivity.” – Beth Stackpole

Learning Center
Liquor distributor turns to SD-WAN to support digital operation
Liquor distributor Republic National Distributing Co. finds Silver Peak SD-WAN less expensive than Cisco and Citrix for supporting its digital operation.

How Millennials’ technology expectations can help save manufacturing
Millennials’ technology expectations will need to be met if manufacturing is to court this talent source to fill its skills gap. Here’s what to know.

People are biggest hurdle in workplace transformation
Citrix’s Michael McKiernan offers advice on how CIOs can help employees get used to a workplace transformation in this SearchCIO video interview.

Want to sell cloud computing? Focus on Millennials
Cloud computing has reached a mature state in the small and medium-sized business sector, where Millennials have emerged as top buyers.

Millennials and technology are reshaping IT departments
Millennials are forcing organizations to reconsider their attitudes towards smartphones, tablets and the cloud. To younger workers, this technology is simply a part of life.

Related Terms

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Enterprise content management workflow
Business process management

October 27, 2016  9:10 PM


Margaret Rouse Margaret Rouse Profile: Margaret Rouse
ai, engine

In computer programming, an engine is a program that performs a core or essential function for other programs. Engines are used in operating systems, subsystems or application programs to coordinate the overall operation of other programs.  Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Business rules engines are usually architected as pluggable software components that separate the business rules from the application code. This separation helps reduce the time, effort, and costs of application maintenance.” – Alex Berson

Learning Center
Overview of Business Rules Engines
Learn how to successfully navigate the business rules engines.

A search engine that ‘makes’ data-driven business decisions
Search engine technologies can mine enterprise data for making data-driven business decisions. Sid Probstein of Attivio discusses the company’s graph engine and how it works.

Powering a more efficient enterprise search engine
To power an enterprise search engine that locates relevant, valuable results, companies are turning to new technologies like analytics and search-based apps.

Spark vs. Hadoop: Is big data engine a replacement part?
Strata + Hadoop World 2015 attendees offer a range of views on Spark vs. Hadoop, looking at whether Apache Spark may replace its vaunted predecessor.

Cisco analytics engine helps maintain app health in big data centers
The latest Cisco analytics engine examines 1 million traffic flows a second to help network administrators maintain application performance.

Related Terms
deep learning
Analytical Engine
correlation engine
Charles Babbage

Related Tags
Database management products and solutions
Enterprise search platforms

October 26, 2016  8:13 PM

quantum computing

Margaret Rouse Margaret Rouse Profile: Margaret Rouse

Quantum computing is an area of study that focuses on developing computer technology that is based on the principles of quantum theory. Following the laws of quantum physics, a computer would gain enormous processing power through the ability to be in multiple states and to perform tasks using all possible permutations simultaneously. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Besides transforming material science, quantum computing could lead to significant developments in artificial intelligence and allow for search or analysis of much more data than can be handled by today’s most powerful machines.” – David Cory

Learning Center
Can IBM fast-track quantum computing via the crowd?
IBM hails its new cloud-enabled quantum computing service as the birth of the quantum age of computing. Also in Searchlight: Facebook rewards 10-year-old for ethical hacking.

IBM takes on quantum computing; how CIOs can hone customer-centric design
IBM is seeking to speed innovation and discover new use cases for quantum computing.

Google snaps up startup in push to master computer vision
With its purchase of Moodstocks, a machine learning-based image recognition startup, Google keeps pushing into the next frontier — computer vision. Also: C-level exit at Microsoft.

Three CIO communication tips that will change the way you lead
Mark Jeffries argues that knowing these three communication assumptions will turn CIOs and senior IT leaders into better communicators.

Emerging tech trends point to new era of digital business
This year’s hype cycle on emerging tech trends whittles down 2,000 technologies to the 30-plus CIOs should consider when building out their IT roadmap.

Related Terms
quantum theory
quantum computer
uncertainty principle

Related Tags
Leadership and strategic planning
Cloud computing for enterprise CIOs

October 25, 2016  6:48 PM

Hofstadter’s law

Margaret Rouse Margaret Rouse Profile: Margaret Rouse
Project management, Time Management

Hofstadter’s law is the observation that “It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter’s Law.” In other words, time estimates for how long anything will take to accomplish always fall short of the actual time required — even when the time allotment is increased to compensate for the human tendency to underestimate it. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Once you realize that time is your most important asset, it becomes clear that you have to be stingy about what you take on.” – Kevin Beaver

Learning Center
Time management strategies for the IT pro
To get the most out of your IT career, time management skills are critical for IT professionals to have. Hone your talents with these time-management best practices and get the most out of every working minute.

Can time management improve productivity of QA testers?
QA time management is not a contradiction in terms. Expert Amy Reichert shares her secrets with QA testers to end testing procrastination forever.

How to estimate project completion times
To determine the duration of an individual task or calculate when a project will complete, Lawrence Oliva suggests using your expert judgment, top-down estimating, and parametric formulas such as PERT.

Top 10 time management tips
Do you have a time management problem? Use these ten tips to see if you do and solve the problem.

Prioritize your IT tasks and finally conquer your to-do list
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a growing to-do list of IT tasks, but there are easy steps you can take to decide what to tackle first and what can wait.

Related Terms
time management
project management
pomodoro technique
relentless incrementalism

Related Tags
Software project management process
IT career development and training

October 24, 2016  8:04 PM

access governance

Margaret Rouse Margaret Rouse Profile: Margaret Rouse
Access control

Access governance (AG) is an aspect of information technology (IT) security management that seeks to reduce the risks associated with end users who have unnecessary access privileges. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“All types of organizations are discovering that they need much greater visibility into who can access their key resources — and maintain stronger policies and controls over employees who no longer need to access task-specific information.” – Travis Greene

Learning Center
How IAM can address unstructured content security risks
Unstructured content is difficult to locate and manage. Learn how your enterprise can apply identity and access management and improve security controls.

User provisioning best practices: Access recertification
User provisioning best practices dictate that user access needs to be continually monitored to make sure no one has access to anything they shouldn’t — known as access recertification. Learn more about how to implement this process in this expert tip.

Companies falling behind on IT access governance, survey finds
IT access governance is becoming a major problem, according to a new Ponemon Institute survey. Many enterprises are having trouble keeping pace with access changes as the result of cloud computing, outsourcing and a greater reliance on independent contractors.

Best practices: How to implement and maintain enterprise user roles
Checklist: Learn the steps necessary for a successful enterprise user role management implementation.

Access control compliance and corporate governance considerations
Learn about access control compliance considerations and how to help your client stay compliant when implementing access control technologies.

Related Terms
access control
risk management
access recertification

Related Tags
Web authentication and access control
Enterprise user provisioning tools

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