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February 16, 2017  8:57 PM


Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
ChatOps, DevOps, Slack

ChatOps is the use of chat clients, chatbots and real-time communication tools to facilitate how software development and operation tasks are communicated and executed. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“ChatOps tools are becoming systems of record for IT operations in mainstream organizations, particularly in distributed workforces.” – Beth Pariseau

Learning Center
I’m a software tester — where can I find a primer on DevOps basics?
It’s easy to see why testers might need a primer on DevOps basics. Expert Gerie Owen has guidance on navigating the new and complicated DevOps arena.

ChatOps is a new software testing strategy for DevOps teams
Take advantage of a new software testing strategy and get involved in ChatOps — a group of people and tech focused on solving production problems.

Using ChatOps to streamline DevOps workflow
ChatOps, a practice that focuses on conversation-driven development, has proved invaluable to DevOps by improving workflow and documentation, as well as increasing transparency.

ChatOps tools the new interface of IT operations
From notification tools to chatbots capable of executing commands, ChatOps offers a centralized, documented, flexible way for IT teams to work together.

ChatOps puts code execution into the conversation
ChatOps brings the configuration and change management visibility of DevOps right into IT communication channels. Tools are ready to integrate ChatOps into your data center.

Trending Terms
collaboration platform
social coding
Slack software

Writing for Business
Management chose Slack to encourage communication ________ the company’s marketing team and its sales team.
A. between
B. among

February 15, 2017  5:38 PM

serverless computing

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
IaaS, PaaS

Serverless computing is an event-driven application design and deployment paradigm in which computing resources are provided as scalable cloud services. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“It’s always been black magic how you distribute infrastructure costs, even in the data center among applications. It’s an advantage for serverless from a business perspective.” – Aater Suleman

Learning Center
Serverless deployment spells fresh opportunities for IT ops
Serverless deployment will become a tool for IT ops pros to offer developers alongside traditional infrastructures.

Serverless computing helps enterprises reduce cloud resource worries
Enterprises are embracing serverless computing due to its reliability and cost efficiency, using options such as AWS Lambda, Google Functions and Azure functions.

The outlook for cloud computing 2017? Lower costs and more options
In cloud computing 2017, there will be less — like serverless computing and lower prices — as well as more, like containers, analytics and storage

Public cloud vendors jump on serverless computing bandwagon
Serverless computing platforms, such as AWS Lambda, offer great potential as providers jump on the bandwagon — but proceed with caution.

Serverless showdown: Microsoft Azure Functions vs. AWS Lambda
Compare Microsoft Azure Functions vs. AWS Lambda pricing, as well as capabilities for containers, triggers and more.

Trending Terms
event driven architecture
AWS Lambda
event handling
composable infrastructure

Writing for Business
Serverless computing can significantly bring down costs since you’re not paying for servers 24/7, _________ of whether they are actively serving requests.
A. irregardless
B. regardless

February 14, 2017  7:19 PM

Ada Lovelace

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
"Ada Lovelace", Programming

Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace, was an English mathematician who is credited with being the first computer programmer. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“The Analytical Engine weaves algebraic patterns, just as the Jacquard loom weaves flowers and leaves.” – Ada, Countess of Lovelace

Learning Center
How many SDN programming languages should I know?
Trying to decide which SDN programming languages to learn? Network engineer Will Murrell suggests focusing on Python, Java and NETCONF.

The advantages of turning Agile pair programming into pair coaching
Agile pair programming has a successor: pair coaching. Expert Yvette Francino explores the benefits of pair coaching in an Agile environment.

Ada Lovelace Day – raising awareness of women’s achievements in IT
With a programming language named after her, the influence of the world’s first computer programmer, Ada Lovelace, has spread much farther than her fame.

Pair programming: Two people, one computer
Pair programming is a practice which has been shown to improve software quality when done well. In this tip, SSQ site editor explores the pros and cons of pair programming and shares some tips for success for this Extreme Programming technique.

Quiz time: Popular programming language list shows changes at the top
Test yourself to see if you know which popular programming language sits atop the tech world. Hint: It’s not the same one as a year ago.

Trending Terms
Analytical Engine
Difference Engine
pair programming

Writing for Business
Leet is a simple kind of code that humans can read, ______ with some difficulty.
A. all be it
B. albeit

February 13, 2017  4:39 PM


Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
CISO, security awareness, Security Event Management

The CISO (chief information security officer) is a senior-level executive responsible for developing and implementing an information security program, which includes procedures and policies designed to protect enterprise communications, systems and assets from both internal and external threats. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“I think it’s important for the new administration to challenge the way things have been done. Still, it’s equally important at least to consider the advice from those who have spent time on the frontlines.” – Steven Chabinsky

Learning Center
Trump tells White House cybersecurity officer, ‘You’re fired’
President Trump has reportedly fired the White House CISO, who is the cybersecurity officer in charge of preventing staff from being hacked.

Role of CISO: FICO enlists CISO in security product management
In her role of CISO at FICO, Vickie Miller spent years looking at screens as the head of its information security program. Now she is helping with services.

CISO job description: Business function more than IT
The CISO job description is always up for debate. Is it moving beyond IT to influence broader security and risk management initiatives?

How do chief data officers affect the role of the CISO?
As chief data officers become more prevalent in organizations, other c-level roles are likely to change. Here’s what you need to know about CDOs.

What should candidates expect in interviews for CISO jobs?
Candidates preparing to interview for CISO jobs can expect to be asked certain questions. Here’s what they should be ready to answer.

Trending Terms
operational risk
security awareness training
Jericho Forum
security event

Writing for Business
Today’s CISO needs interpersonal skills in order to _________ others in the boardroom to support their cybersecurity vision.
A. convince
B. persuade

February 10, 2017  8:24 PM

candidate relationship management

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
Candidate Relationship management, IT talent, Talent acquisition, Talent management software

Candidate relationship management is a systematic approach to proactively building, filling and maintaining a company’s talent pipeline for just-in-time recruiting. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Features to watch for when vetting candidate relationship management systems include solid user manuals and support, robust reporting and follow-up functionality — the ability to see when a person was last contacted.” – Derina Adamczak

Learning Center
How HR can improve the candidate experience in recruitment
The candidate experience in recruitment is an HR trend that has larger implications for the company. Here’s what it is and how to improve it.

Candidate relationship management tech fills recruitment black hole
Learn how recruitment leaders at General Electric and CH2M Hill engage passive candidates through candidate relationship management technology.

Find, keep and grow IT talent
IT specialists with well-rounded expertise in emerging technologies are vital to any business. How do you get recruitment right?

How HR can use CRM as a model for workforce analytics
Read why one expert thinks CRM practices like sentiment analysis and marketing automation can help HR steer a course for workforce analytics.

The four pillars of talent management systems: A solid HR foundation
Discover the four components, or ‘pillars,’ of talent management systems: recruiting, performance management, corporate learning and compensation management.

Trending Terms
talent pipeline
talent management software
candidate experience
passive candidate

Writing for Business
Since a candidate relationship management system is flexible, there are better tools for _________ communication and a lot of ways to segment candidates.
A. long-term
B. long term

February 9, 2017  4:23 PM

HIPAA Security Rule

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

The Security Standards for the Protection of Electronic Protected Health Information, commonly known as the HIPAA Security Rule, establishes national standards for securing patient data that is stored or transferred electronically. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“The HIPAA Security Rule mandates risk assessments, but many small medical practices fail to perform those assessments despite their availability online.” – Reda Chouffani

Learning Center
Five reasons small medical practices are vulnerable to cyberattacks
Small medical practices are often more vulnerable to cyberattacks due to limited security budgets and a failure to perform risk assessments.

Requirements for HIPAA compliance: The key channel partner challenges
Channel partners face a number of challenges when working with clients in the highly regulated healthcare market.

Should healthcare organizations follow the NIST guidelines for HIPAA?
NIST guidelines aren’t legally necessary for HIPAA covered entities to comply with, but find out why it’s still a good idea to follow them.

Wearable health technology and HIPAA: What is and isn’t covered
With wearable health technology tracking a person’s every move and heartbeat, some experts are concerned by what’s not covered by HIPAA, while others don’t see a threat.

HIPAA compliance services a double-edged sword
HIPAA compliance services can offer lucrative business opportunities to MSPs — as long as they know what they’re getting into.

Trending Terms
personal health information
Office for Civil Rights
Health and Human Services
HIPAA Privacy Rule
regulatory compliance

Writing for Business
Risk analysis is a _________ component of the HIPAA Security Rule because it allows an entity to target its main security loopholes and deficiencies.
A. incisive
B. decisive

February 8, 2017  9:30 PM

consumer packaged goods (CPG)

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning, Marketing automation

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) is an industry term for merchandise that customers use up and replace on a frequent basis. Examples of consumer packaged goods include food, beverages, cosmetics and cleaning products. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Supply-chain data helps the consumer packaged goods industry move beyond ‘one size fits all.'” – Steve Ulfelder

Learning Center
Customer experience is big differentiator for organisations
It has become hard for firms to stand out from the crowd in pricing, products or services. Now customer experience is the big differentiator.

What’s the best ERP software for your organization?
ERP vendors offer software that fits small businesses and large enterprises, covering a variety of industries. Find out which is the best ERP software for your needs.

Data value chain puts the focus on what matters most to a business
In his career running data management systems for retailers and consumer packaged goods companies, Richard Beaver has found a formula for success: the data value chain.

Make product visibility a priority when outsourcing 3PL warehousing technology
Discover how manufacturers can benefit from outsourced third party logistics (3PL) warehousing technology. Learn how outsourcing warehouse management to 3PL providers can result in reduced costs, better product tracking and increased shipping visibility.

Four ways to apply green supply chain technology to manufacturing
Find out how manufacturers can apply green supply chain technology. Learn how green technology lowers costs and boosts supply chain sustainability.

Trending Terms
supply chain management
marketing automation
CRM analytics
value-based pricing

Writing for Business
The CPG industry faces new challenges to _______ the changing needs of the digital customer.
A. fulfill
B. forfill

February 7, 2017  10:14 PM

smart city

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
Big Data analytics, Internet of Things, smart city

A smart city is a municipality that uses technology to increase operational efficiency, disseminate information to residents and visitors and improve the quality of government services. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Dubai has emerged as one of the few places in the Middle East to offer smart city benchmarks, and its evolution will be closely watched.” – Edward Banda

Learning Center
The evolution of smart Dubai
Aisha Bin Bishr, director general at Smart Dubai Office, discusses how Dubai is evolving as a smart city with the support of local telecoms provider Du.

Building a smart city: It takes a village
Building a smart city in which government, businesses and residents will prosper requires just the right mix of vendors, technologies and standards.

Three steps towards a hierarchy of needs for smart cities
Smart cities face challenges around network connectivity, standardization and data governance, say IoT experts, and these needs must be met for them to flourish.

Tel Aviv: A smart city where community engagement is the measure of success
Like many locations across the world, Tel Aviv is using the latest technologies to create a smart city.

Get smart about data integration for a truly smart city
To avoid ending up siloed, city leaders should plan ahead and create a blueprint of how they want data to integrate and flow in their smart city.

Trending Terms
control network
advanced analytics
database management system
strategic innovation
Internet of Everything
data democratization

Writing for Business
In the United States, smart city deployments are often funded as pilots, _______ this is not always made clear to taxpayers.
A. though
B. although

February 6, 2017  10:45 PM

Dodd-Frank Act

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
Compliace, Dodd-Frank

The Dodd-Frank Act (fully known as the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act) is a United States federal law that places regulation of the financial industry in the hands of the government. The legislation, which was enacted in July 2010, created financial regulatory processes to limit risk by enforcing transparency and accountability. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Collectively, the EU’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II, the U.S. Dodd-Frank rules and the global framework Basel III mean that financial institutions have to tag, aggregate and share risk data much better than before.” – Neil Ainger

Learning Center
Compliance culture: FINRA shifts regulatory focus
The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has shifted priorities in 2016, focusing on how businesses exemplify a ‘compliance culture’ through their internal processes.

GRC roundup: Trump’s transition team looks to dismantle Dodd-Frank
Will President-Elect Trump’s transition team follow through on promises to get rid of Dodd-Frank compliance regulations?

Navigating the compliance challenges of the Dodd-Frank bill
Complying with the requirements of the Dodd-Frank bill is a challenge for many organizations. Read on for tips to tackle them.

Gartner: Dodd-Frank regulations demand compliance bureau
All companies, not just financials, must comply with the Dodd-Frank Act; Gartner recommends having a compliance bureau monitor the implications.

Preparation underway for Dodd-Frank conflict mineral disclosures
The new disclosure rules for the Dodd-Frank conflict mineral provisions will hit several industry sectors. Learn how to prepare for and adequately meet these new regulations.

Trending Terms
Securities and Exchange Commission
The Great Recession
conduct risk
compliance burden

Writing for Business
Dodd-Frank has increased the ________ to which the Federal Reserve has become the primary regulator of the financial industry.
A. extant
B. extent

February 3, 2017  9:45 PM


Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
Container, Container virtualization

Kubernetes is Google’s open source system for managing Linux containers across private, public and hybrid cloud environments. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“We leverage a broad spectrum of operating systems for our application workloads. This is a testament to the inclusive and open nature of the Kubernetes ecosystem.” – Justin Erenkrantz

Learning Center
Kubernetes multicloud orchestration pushes Docker portability forward
Kubernetes and Docker are more than just production-ready at one fintech company — Docker portability across clouds is closer to reality.

Q&A: Former Googlers’ startup nurtures enterprise Kubernetes
Enterprise Kubernetes in production will take a step closer to reality if former Google engineer and Heptio CEO Craig McLuckie has his way.

Enterprises get first glimpse into Kubernetes for Windows
With the public preview of Kubernetes 1.5, introduced in December 2016, enterprises get Kubernetes for Windows servers.

Containers and Kubernetes ease OpenStack lifecycle management pain
Kubernetes orchestration for the Mirantis lifecycle management tool is just one way Docker containers are being used to simplify OpenStack operations.

Tech firms roll out Kubernetes in production
Putting Google’s Kubernetes in production requires some technical elbow grease, but it has DevOps benefits for companies such as Concur and Barkly.

Trending Terms
Google Container Engine
container management software
Docker Swarm
rolling deployment

Writing for Business
In Kubernetes, a replication controller scales containers horizontally, ensuring there are more or ________ containers to meet the overall application’s computing needs.
A. less
B. fewer

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