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May 4, 2017  6:54 PM

walking skeleton

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
Agile, Solution Testing, Unit testing

A walking skeleton, in the context of software development, is a minimal initial implementation of an application’s architecture that includes and connects the basic components of the system. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“By using test-driven development and continuous integration effectively, you can ensure not only your application is high quality, but your unit tests are high quality as well.” – Matt Heusser

Learning Center
Effective test-driven development and continuous integration
In this tip, Matt Heusser explains maintenance considerations when using test-driven development and continuous integration in a development environment.

Five things to know about the future of microservices and IoT
There’s a perfect storm brewing in IoT that will push microservices into new and traditional industries. The benefits are high and risks are low.

Use Agile software testing principles to plan your tests
Two Agile software testing approaches — testing quadrants and the test automation pyramid — will put you on your way to creating a solid strategy to fully test your applications.

Test your knowledge on code refactoring
Do you know how to refactor effectively? This quiz will put your knowledge of code refactoring to the test.

Using API Blueprint and Dredd for stronger, test-driven documentation
Zachary Flower lays out the benefits of test-driven development and explains how API Blueprint and Dredd can help.

Trending Terms
source code
test-driven development
unit testing
agile software development
continuous integration

Writing for Business
Test coders will develop scenarios and exercises to test new code _________________
a. (after each unit is written).
b. (after each unit is written.)

May 3, 2017  7:08 PM

Salesforce Einstein

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
Artificial intelligence, Salesforce.com

Salesforce Einstein is artificial intelligence (AI) technology that has been developed for the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Einstein is only going to be as good as they tune the algorithms for their use cases to be. One set of rules doesn’t apply to all people. When AI can start to understand our personalities, I think we have a winning situation.” – Alan Lepofsky

Learning Center
What the Einstein-Watson merger means for Salesforce and IBM
The Salesforce and IBM team up between Einstein and Watson will shake up the cloud AI market, explains expert Scott Robinson.

Speculation abounds over features of Salesforce Einstein
Speculation abounds about the features and purpose of Salesforce Einstein. You’ll learn more in September and at Dreamforce in October.

Salesforce upgrades include heavy dose of Einstein
Salesforce upgrades bring AI functionality to its cloud products, but questions remain whether companies with unorganized or little data can take advantage.

Three ways Salesforce Einstein can enhance workplace analytics
Can Salesforce Einstein make an impact on routine business operations? Expert Scott Robinson looks at three ways the AI platform can affect workplace analytics.

Einstein-Watson merger seen enhancing AI, customer sentiment analysis
AI, BI and big data coupled with social media sentiment analysis tools show potential for marketing automation and next-generation sales.

Trending Terms
predictive analytics
Salesforce Customer Success Platform
machine learning
deep learning

Writing for Business
Although some parts of the consumer industry are adept at using artificial intelligence apps practically and profitably, most businesses are slow to ________ and implement AI.
A. except
B. accept

May 2, 2017  8:42 PM

stateless app

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
Application containerization

A stateless app is an application program that does not save client data generated in one session for use in the next session with that client. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Stateless apps can scale more gracefully in containers, which are a perfect fit for microservices.” – Beth Pariseau

Learning Center
IT industry grapples with Docker container persistent storage
Enterprises are mostly perplexed about Docker container persistent storage, as startups strive to earn their trust.

Stateful applications spark container management debate
Stateful applications are the subject of container management controversy, as enterprises move third-party and legacy apps to new IT architectures.

Container technology’s role in storage
Container technology is starting to be deployed more often in data centers today. Now companies should focus on container storage.

Working with microservices framework still a challenge in 2016
Tom Nolle examines how the microservices framework evolved in 2016 and the impacts it has had on enterprise development efforts.

Application containers continue data center invasion
The movement behind application containers doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon, but rather is picking up steam.

Trending Terms
horizontal scalability
offline first
Elastic Load Balancing
persistent storage

Writing for Business
In Kubernetes, a replication controller scales containers horizontally, ensuring there are more or ________ containers to meet the overall application’s computing needs.
A. less
B. fewer

May 1, 2017  4:04 PM


Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
Agile development, DevOps

DevOps is the blending of tasks performed by a company’s application development and systems operations teams. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“To us, what DevOps means is that operations and development work very closely together and still have different roles, but are way more highly interconnected on the same team.” – Stephen Massalt

Learning Center
As DevOps matures, IT ops evolve into an IT service provider
IT operations is increasingly taking on the role of internal IT service provider, serving an organization’s app development teams as DevOps matures.

Five DevOps principles to apply to enterprise architecture
This article examines five key DevOps principles to follow in an enterprise architecture model, including tooling, staffing and framework considerations.

Storage plays catch-up with DevOps environment
The rise of the DevOps environment has seen the emergence of new storage technologies that offer specific features appropriate for Agile development.

Totally automatic: Improve DevOps and security in three key steps
Combining DevOps and security is possible; learn three key steps in this article by Nemertes Research CEO Johna Till Johnson.

Can DevOps help us save lives?
A technology evangelist is concerned about burnout among software developers, and explains how DevOps may be able to help.

Trending Terms
quality assurance
waterfall model
continuous software development
continuous delivery
agile software development

Writing for Business
Once the business owner saw the benefits of attending an ______________ improved.
A. Agile retrospective, his participation
B. Agile retrospective his participation

April 28, 2017  2:15 PM

group think

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

Group think (also spelled groupthink) is a phenomenon that occurs when group’s need for consensus supersedes the judgment of individual group members. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“It’s easy for collaboration to become groupthink in close-knit Agile teams, because the desire for fast consensus can be strong.” – Gerie Owen

Learning Center
What’s the latest DevOps challenge? A tendency toward groupthink
Here’s a new DevOps challenge: groupthink. Some DevOps groups get along so well they are unable to see new ideas, according to expert Gerie Owen.

Agile teamwork: When collaboration becomes groupthink
Quality assurance consultant Gerie Owen discusses how Agile teamwork can lead to groupthink if not tempered by Container Difference Exchange.

Who is to blame for bad coding? Time to look in the mirror
Sometimes bad coding comes from bad decision-making, and worse. Expert Gerie Owen explains how to get out of the cycle of self-inflicted problems.

What is collaboration and why is it important to Agile methodologies?
We hear a lot about “collaboration” being an important part of Agile methodologies, but what exactly is the meaning of collaboration and how does it fit in with software development?

The need for IT innovation leads to aggressive collaboration
CIOs should bring the brains together from all parts of the business to achieve IT innovation.

Trending Terms
decision management
Agile project management
cognitive bias

Writing for Business
Treating testing as a ________ rather than something that should be done continuously throughout software development is a recipe for defective software.
A. phase
B. faze

April 27, 2017  1:51 PM

cybersecurity insurance

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
Cyber security, Cyberinsurance

Cybersecurity insurance is a contract that an individual or entity can purchase to help reduce the financial risks associated with doing business online. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Cyberinsurance is going to continue to grow as a cottage industry until there is some standardization of the product and the policies. It is going to take some form of government backing or incentive for that to occur.” – John Wheeler

Learning Center
NSA spyware found infecting tens of thousands worldwide
Tens of thousands of systems around the world were found to be infected with NSA spyware after a tool was developed to scan for the malware.

Why passing on cyber-risk insurance could be a big mistake
When it comes to cyber-risk insurance, manufacturers may think they don’t need coverage against data breaches. Here’s why they might be wrong.

Cyberinsurance policies: Getting coverage and avoiding limitations
Cyberinsurance policies can be complex affairs thanks to some undefined areas. Here’s what enterprises should know about coverage and limitations.

Is cyberinsurance worth the risk?
As insurance providers rush to sell cyberinsurance to companies of all sizes, many enterprises still can’t find adequate policies based on the lack of standardization.

Cybersecurity insurance: Choosing a cyber insurance policy
What is cybersecurity insurance, and how can enterprises choose a cyber insurance policy? Get expert advice.

Trending Terms
insider threat
FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool
risk assessment
attack surface

Writing for Business
A botnet is a group of computers organized to distribute spam or malware — _________ the owners are typically unaware of the fact.
a. though
b. although
c. even though

April 26, 2017  4:30 PM

data artist

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
Data artist, data visualiation

A data artist is a business analytics (BA) specialist who creates graphs, charts, infographics and other visual tools that help people understand complex data. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Visualization makes data accessible to a much wider audience, and that helps grow the analytics culture of the organization.” – Daqing Zhao

Learning Center
Uber has high hopes for its open source data visualization software
Uber’s open source data visualization software introduced expanded features, as company officials hope to learn from how users outside the company use the tool.

Data visualization techniques, tools at core of advanced analytics
Advanced analytics depends on robust modeling tools, but also on effective data visualization techniques that can help make sense of analytics results.

Interviewing data scientist candidates? Ask these questions
Data scientists are hot, but hiring one means asking different questions than you would a statistician or data modeler. Before sitting down to interview candidates, keep these tips in mind.

Guide to telling stories with data: How to share analytics insights
Using data visualizations to convey information can be a challenge. Learn more about telling stories with data in this guide to effective data storytelling.

Communication skills a must for business intelligence professionals
Organizations are looking for business intelligence professionals who understand the business and have good communication skills, says careers expert Matt Mueller. Find out why.

Trending Terms
visual analytics
business analytics
data scientist
data visualization
business intelligence

Writing for Business
The ability to visualize data is important now and will only become _______ in the future.
a. more so
b. moreso

April 25, 2017  8:32 PM

contingent workforce

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
Workforce management

A contingent workforce is a labor pool whose members are hired by an organization on an on-demand basis. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Too many organizations are stumbling their way to the future of work, and anything we can do to make that a more systematic process would be to the benefit of everyone.” – Lee Dyer

Learning Center
FAQ: How has the tech industry opposed the travel ban executive order?
In this SearchCompliance FAQ, learn how the IT industry has banded together to voice opposition to President Trump’s travel ban executive order.

Choose the right SAP tool for contingent workforce management
Learn why integrated Fieldglass VMS and SuccessFactors Employee Central provide the best contingent workforce management on SAP platforms.

The on-demand economy and the future of work: Buckle up
The on-demand economy describes the future of work, according to labor experts, but companies are nowhere near ready for it.

What are the leading HR technology trends?
Technology, employee expectations and other forces are transforming human resources. Here are four HR technology trends you should know.

Employee Central: The answer to an outdated HR system?
When you need to replace an aging HR system it’s time to explore your options. You might add SuccessFactors’ Employee Central to your list of candidates.

Trending Terms
workforce management
workforce planning
gig economy
business agility
IT skills gap
corporate culture

Writing for Business
The message from human resources asked if she could come for an interview __________ next week.
a. someday
b. some day

April 24, 2017  8:32 PM

performance testing

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
Performance testing

Performance testing is the process of determining the speed or effectiveness of a computer, network, software program or device. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Many software development businesses fail to take performance testing seriously. It deserves focused effort, including time to design full performance test development.” – Amy Reichert

Learning Center
Native tools prove useful in AWS performance testing
Developers can use chains of Lambda functions to simulate application load and adapt AWS performance testing. We explore how one company uses Lambda for test.

Performance testing .NET applications secrets to success
Performance testing .NET applications takes patience and thoughtful consideration of the right tools. Expert Matt Heusser explains.

Why testing in production is going to be the next big thing
Manual testers used to think their jobs stopped at app release. Not anymore. Expert Gerie Owen explains why testing in production is vital today.

What to look for when buying application testing tools
Learn how to evaluate application testing tools by employing these key tactics and paying attention to these features of app testing software.

FAQ: Load testing software and application performance management
Managing performance with load testing software still happens too late in the lifecycle. This FAQ explains the business value of addressing performance issues early.

Trending Terms
stress testing
load testing

Writing for Business
The purpose of regression testing is to ______ that the software continues to function as expected under specific conditions.
a. ensure
b. assure

April 21, 2017  5:21 PM

agile test automation pyramid

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
Agile, Automation

The agile test automation pyramid is a graphical strategy guide for implementing automated software testing. The pyramid was introduced by Mike Cohn in his book, “Succeeding with Agile.” Continued…

Quote of the Day

“While some amount of evangelizing may be necessary to get started, scaling Agile depends more on ambassadorship and the ability to collaborate to ensure successful delivery of outcomes.” – Mark Tonsetic

Learning Center
Running Agile at scale: Three challenges
CEB: Running Agile at scale will require CIOs to rethink how they cultivate product managers, seek funding and deliver business value.

Use Agile software testing principles to plan your tests
Two Agile software testing approaches — testing quadrants and the test automation pyramid — will put you on your way to creating a solid strategy to fully test your applications.

What you need to know about software testing automation
Software testing automation is in full swing. This guide covers testing best practices and the software testing tools needed to move toward automation.

Devising a test automation strategy: Getting started
CIOs, QA directors and project managers have heard about the benefits of test automation, yet often don’t know where to begin. In this tip by Agile expert Lisa Crispin, you’ll learn the important steps to move your organization forward with a well-planned automation strategy.

Best practices for implementing a mobile test strategy
Learn how a good mobile test strategy can enable faster iterations and time to market. A test automation framework can help implement business goals faster.

Trending Terms
automated software testing
agile software development
unit testing
quality assurance
test-driven development

Writing for Business
According to Mike Cohn, Agile planning ___________ change by recognizing that it will occur.
a. accommodates
b. accomodates

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