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July 31, 2017  4:15 PM

precision agriculture

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
Agriculture, Predictive Analytics

Precision agriculture (PA) is an approach to farm management that uses information technology (IT) to ensure that the crops and soil receive exactly what they need for optimum health and productivity. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Precision agriculture can help reduce significant losses in farming, solve problems of data collection and monitoring, and reduce the impacts of climate change.” – Saverio Romeo

Learning Center
Smart farming technologies produce fertile ground for Agnov8
Smart farming technologies are helping solutions providers and their clients improve crop efficiency and ensure water quality.

Smart farming, IoT only way to feed growing population, says Beecham report
A report from IoT sector analyst Beecham says the agricultural industry will need to embrace smart farming methodologies to support the growing human population.

Interview: How John Deere uses connectivity to make farms more efficient
After pioneering the use of automated vehicle technology 15 years ago, farm equipment supplier John Deere is now going further, with its sights set on efficiency and sustainability, says sales VP Christoph Wigger.

IoT technologies find a home down on the farm
Whether on the farm or in an ocean oil field, IoT technology plays a critical role. Here are two use cases that demonstrate the value of the technology.

Switch from standard BPM for more efficient agriculture
Farmers are ramping up standard BPM with iBPM to conserve resources.

Trending Terms
predictive analytics
vertical farming

Writing for Business
In tropical regions, precision agriculture can use remote sensing to explain why soils _______ nutrients quickly when cultivated.
A. lose
B. loose

July 28, 2017  4:11 PM

visual analytics

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
Data scientist, data visualization

Visual analytics is a form of inquiry in which data that provides insight into solving a problem is displayed in an interactive, graphical manner. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“The BI world has spent the last few years focusing on making reports visually compelling and easy to create, but there’s a lot more to a good report than how it looks.” – Mico Yuk

Learning Center
Many businesses use BI reporting systems wrong, but they can improve
Consultant Mico Yuk offers tips to help businesses avoid some of the most common pitfalls in using BI reporting systems.

Visual data analytics make genomics in healthcare possible
One hospital is using Tableau’s visual data analytics software to effectively leverage genomics in healthcare and improve patient care.

Doors opening for open source data visualization tools
Users of open source data visualization tools say the technologies have become more polished and functional, enabling them to handle much of the visualization load from companies.

The other intersection of IoT and analytics
While BI technology is reasonably mature, we are yet to see exactly where the IoT train is headed and how it will manifest itself in the business world.

Visualizing data forces BI teams to take a deep look at corporate info
Data visualizations have become key components of BI applications. But there’s more than meets the eye to visualizing data for end users through the use of data visualization tools.

Trending Terms
data visualization
data scientist
mobile business intelligence
location intelligence
data management
business analytics

Writing for Business
The ability to visualize data is important now and will only become _______ in the future.
a. more so
b. moreso

July 27, 2017  7:51 PM

chief data officer (CDO)

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
Chief Data Officer, Data governance

A chief data officer is a C-level corporate executive who is responsible for an organization’s data governance. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“In many organizations, chief data officer jobs that were centered on defense against risk are giving way to ones emphasizing innovation. To do so, CDOs must nurture a data culture.” – Jack Vaughan

Learning Center
Chief data officer jobs call for nurturing data ethos in companies
Chief data officer jobs will focus more on innovation within a data-driven enterprise, according to panelists at an MIT data symposium.

Gartner: Chief data officer role continues to grow
New research from Gartner shines a light on how the chief data officer role continues to evolve.

Will the role of the chief data officer eclipse that of the CIO?
The role of the chief data officer (CDO) could become a strategic player for the business: The Data Mill reports from the MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium.

Chief data officer job description requires a proper fit
The chief data officer job description is long and involved. Read about how several CDOs are keeping up with the demands of the position and balancing its challenges and rewards.

Four data management conferences on big data, governance and more
Thinking of signing up for some data management conferences? Here’s a quick rundown of four events focused on topics such as big data and data governance.

Trending Terms
data governance
data-driven decision management
compliance burden
data literacy

Writing for Business
The manager who reviewed the proposals found that the quality of the proposals ______ generally good, but several failed to address compliance burdens in an adequate manner.
a. were
b. was

July 26, 2017  5:49 PM


Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

Node.js (Node) is an open source development platform for executing JavaScript code server-side. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“How many of you today are working with the same technology you used 10 years ago? I’m not. Today, most of coding is in Node. Ten years ago, I did a lot of Java and .NET.” – Bob Reselman

Learning Center
The essential skill for implementing DevOps: A desire to learn, always
Here’s a question: What skills are required for practicing and implementing DevOps? The expert practitioners opine, and their answers are surprising.

AWS coding options allow ops and dev to speak same language
Developers have a variety of AWS coding options for building cloud-based applications. IT teams need to determine which programming language works best.

Benefits of developing with Node.js in AWS
Taking hold among cloud-based programmers, developing with Node.js is rising. The beta language eases functions, such as promises and callbacks, and has benefits for AWS customers.

The power of no-code/low-code platforms
Learn about the latest no-code/low-code platforms. Tech expert Zachary Flower discusses how they can improve productivity and usability.

To choose the right PaaS stack, know thyself
A PaaS stack makes building cloud-native applications and using cloud services easier. What isn’t simple is choosing the right PaaS vendor to do so.

Trending Terms
event-driven architecture

Writing for Business
Commonly virtualized applications include ____ servers and infrastructure servers.
a. Web
b. web

July 25, 2017  5:46 PM

algorithmic transparency

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

Algorithmic transparency is openness about the purpose, structure and underlying actions of the algorithms used to search for, process and deliver information. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“To achieve data transparency, companies will have to change how data is managed and used. They’ll need to shift from a ‘closed mindset’ where control, information security and compliance are the main objectives, to an open one.” – Nicole Laskowski

Learning Center
Data skeptic Cathy O’Neil explains why we need to regulate algorithms
Cathy O’Neil, a self-professed data skeptic and author, talks about why it may be time to establish a national safety board for algorithms.

The internet of trustworthy things: Can we trust emerging technologies?
As exciting as emerging connected technologies appear on paper, there is still an underlying concern about whether we can trust them.

Open source software security: Who can you trust?
Fears of backdoors and the lack of open source software security have raised concerns for information technology professionals.

Data literacy in high demand; academia responds
Data literacy is a necessary skill in today’s labor market — both inside of IT and outside of it.

Multiple cybersecurity tools protect data on all levels
Modern cybersecurity tools include tried-and-true methods, such as firewalls, as well as unexpected helpers, such as configuration automation.

Trending Terms
open security
Kerckhoffs principle

Writing for Business
It only takes one user ________ security policies to give an attacker access to network data.
a. flouting
b. flaunting

July 14, 2017  7:50 PM


Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
Corporate culture, Lean processes, Supply chain, Supply Chain Management

Keiretsu is a business network composed of manufacturers, supply chain partners, distributors and financiers who remain financially independent but work closely together to ensure each other’s success. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Companies with standout supply chains take an end-to-end view of the supply chain’s function in the company, rather than viewing functions in silos.” – Greg Gerstenhaber

Learning Center
Supply chain performance management provides key metrics for finance
Learn the basics of supply chain performance management and how tools like ETL can put the best metrics in the hands of finance and supply chain managers.

The top five supply chain trends companies must address now
Supply chain trends include all things digital and address volatile shifts in the business landscape. Here’s how companies can create processes to come out ahead.

The digital transformation of industrial organizations
The process of digital transformation looks very different at an industrial company than it does at a pure technology company.

Next-gen technology helps mitigate supply chain risks
An SAP Ariba Live panel discussed how companies can use next-gen technology to discover and prevent hidden supply chain risks.

Curing the IT identity crisis starts with understanding corporate culture
Author Jill Dyche talks about her new book and explains why she thinks CIOs and IT leaders are going through a serious IT identity crisis.

Building a DevOps culture? First, look outside the enterprise
Building a DevOps culture requires using outside resources. It’s one of the simplest ways to get lean and efficient. Your company doesn’t exist in a bubble.

Trending Terms
supply chain management
supply chain planning
supply chain event management
extended enterprise
lean production
corporate culture model

Writing for Business
_______ a DevOps culture to establish partnerships in a data center isn’t easy, but it brings great rewards.
A. adapting
B. adopting

July 13, 2017  7:42 PM

medical device class (MDC)

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
FDA, medical device security, medical devices

Medical device class (MDC) is a regulatory category defined by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In the United States, the FDA has the authority to regulate medical devices before and after they reach the marketplace. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“The FDA medical device guidance has many good recommendations on how enterprises should treat medical devices with IT components as an important part of their IT infrastructure.” – Nick Lewis

Learning Center
Medical device safety needs to be given more attention, an expert says
Rather than focus on medical device safety, healthcare agencies have focused on patient privacy, one expert said.

Applying the new FDA medical device guidance to infosec programs
The new FDA medical device guidance for manufacturers should be incorporated into enterprise infosec programs, too. Learn about the important takeaways.

Connected medical device security: The usefulness of unenforceable guidance
If manufacturers and healthcare systems can together tackle the connected medical device security challenge, it will create a safer environment for patients.

Cybersecurity of medical devices: The new threat landscape
Cybersecurity of medical devices is even more important during a time of constant attacks. Experts discuss precautions to take and the FDA’s guidance.

How technology can improve medical device safety in infusion pumps
Medical device safety in the connected infusion pump arena requires better software to manage accuracy, intelligence and usability of the pumps.

Trending Terms
telepresence robot
Reference Information Model
medical body area network
remote patient monitoring

Writing for Business
The FDA reclassified sutures as Class II medical devices in the early ______.
A. 1990’s
B. 1990s

July 12, 2017  5:59 PM

Microsoft Teams

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
microsoft office 365, Slack

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool that is part of the Office 365 suite of services. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Microsoft Teams integrates with Office 365 services, which may be one of the most valuable capabilities for those who already use the vendor’s cloud services.” – Reda Chouffani

Learning Center
Is enterprise collaboration software good for business?
Enterprise collaboration software is all the rage, but is it right for your business? Four IT pros sound off on which collaboration tools they use and why.

IT pros connect with group communication software
Find out how group communication software helped a network of IT pros improve the way they connect and collaborate.

Microsoft Teams joins growing business chat software market
Microsoft’s foray into business chat software with Teams is strengthened by native integrations with Office 365.

Slack vs. Microsoft Teams: Which is best for enterprise collaboration?
Both Slack and Microsoft Teams are trying to gain the upper hand among workers as the leading enterprise collaboration platform.

Microsoft takes on Slack with new team chat app
Microsoft takes on Slack with a new team chat app, Microsoft Teams. The app will be available in Office 365 enterprise and business suites.

Trending Terms
Microsoft Office 365 suite
Slack software
enterprise document management
Salesforce Chatter
collaboration platform
enterprise collaboration

Writing for Business
Management chose Slack to encourage communication ________ the company’s marketing team and its sales team.
A. between
B. among

July 11, 2017  7:23 PM

Skype for Business

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
Skype, United Communications, VoIP

Skype for Business, formerly known as Microsoft Lync Server, is a unified communications (UC) platform that integrates common channels of business communication and online meetings, including instant messaging (IM), presence, voice over IP (VoIP), voicemail, file transfers, video conferencing, web conferencing and email. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“The move to Skype for Business should focus on the user experience and improving business processes.” – Ron Arnold

Learning Center
Microsoft Stream lacks key video content management tools
The Microsoft Stream video content management service, made available last week, lacks important enterprise features, such as live streaming and API support.

Before deploying Skype for Business, follow these key steps
Deploying Skype for Business is increasingly popular, but there are some critical steps IT must take before it installs the Microsoft product.

Will Microsoft Teams replace Skype for Business?
Microsoft has several collaboration applications, which could confuse users. See how Microsoft Teams could replace Skype for Business.

A Skype for Business deployment requires plenty of planning
Before embarking on a Skype for Business deployment, do your homework, check your network capacity and don’t underestimate your service needs.

Hybrid Skype for Business creates new network demands
As hybrid Skype for Business deployments grow in popularity, organizations must prepare their networks to support new bandwidth requirements.

Trending Terms
unified communications
virtual meeting room
Microsoft Teams
video conference

Writing for Business
There are a number of methods you can use to capture VoIP calls ___ a LAN.
a. off
b. off of

July 10, 2017  3:42 PM

augmented intelligence

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert
Artificial intelligence, augmented, Machine learning

Augmented intelligence is an alternative conceptualization of artificial intelligence that focuses on AI’s assistive role, emphasizing the fact that it is designed to enhance human intelligence rather than replace it. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“AI software is garnering a lot of hype, but many companies are going to have to rethink how they interact with analytics tools in order to capitalize on the true potential of AI.” – Ed Burns

Learning Center
Businesses must prepare for uncertainty of AI systems
AI systems bring with them a lot of uncertainty, which businesses are going to need to adapt to in order to capitalize on the technology’s true potential.

Cogito’s voice analytics software: Augmented intelligence at work
Voice analytics software from Cogito gives call center agents a chance to build a better rapport with customers.

What businesses need to know about cognitive computing systems
Enterprises looking to implement cognitive computing systems need to be aware that these systems have some important gaps in functionality.

Creative projects leave people guessing about future impact of AI
The eventual impact of AI on creative fields like music, film and design could be significant — although, so far, it’s underwhelming.

Alec Ross on how cognitive robots will change the world
Tech policy expert Alec Ross discusses how cognitive robots will impact the labor market and why the U.S. is positioned to capture tomorrow’s industries.

Trending Terms
machine learning
AI attorney
natural language processing
cognitive computing
data mining

Writing for Business
Although some parts of the consumer industry are adept at using artificial intelligence apps practically and profitably, most businesses are slow to ________ and implement AI.
A. except
B. accept

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