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January 16, 2018  3:04 AM

social graph

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

A social graph is a diagram that illustrates interconnections among people, groups and organizations in a social network. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Graph databases can store complex data about how things relate to each other. Social networks typically use this type of data structure.” – George Lawton

Learning Center
Three Amazon AI-based projects to get your dev team rolling
Amazon AI-based projects range from easy to difficult and involve many different kinds of data. Experiment with these services to further your AI skills.

Facebook search app boosts graph database architecture to the fore
Graph database technology can surpass relational databases in capturing networks of relationships, which is one reason Facebook turned to graph technology for its new Graph Search app.

Graph technology rivals take Amazon Neptune database in stride
Amazon’s Neptune database enters an area of graph technology that includes startups, as well as players long on the trail of a relational data alternative.

A look at the leading operational database management systems
Operational database management systems support the different data requirements of modern applications. Learn what the leading vendors offer.

SQL Server graph database tools map out data relationships
Microsoft added SQL Server graph database features in the 2017 release to streamline the processing and querying of data that can be mapped in graph form.

Trending Terms
social network
Apache Giraph
graph database
graph theory
Graph Search
key-value pair

Writing for Business
Some people join social networking sites but don’t ________ them often.
a. frequent
b. visit

January 12, 2018  3:01 AM

time series chart

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

A time series chart, also called a times series graph or time series plot, is a data visualization tool that illustrates data points at successive intervals of time. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Time-series monitoring tools include the open source project Prometheus, which is popular among Kubernetes shops, as well as commercial offerings from InfluxData and Wavefront, the latter of which VMware acquired last year.” – Beth Pariseau

Learning Center
Time-series monitoring tools give high-resolution view of IT
Time-series monitoring tools offer enterprise IT a more nuanced and multidimensional view of infrastructure than traditional tools.

Prometheus 2.0 tweaks Kubernetes monitoring, data storage
A rewritten storage engine in Prometheus 2.0 makes the open source utility more scalable and reliable for Kubernetes monitoring in production.

What are some basics for monitoring microservices?
Monitoring microservices deployments is an important task in the cloud. Amazon CloudWatch lets IT teams track performance and address issues using alarms or events.

Basho: why the IoT needs a time series database
NoSQL database company Basho is in update mode for its Riak TS product, which is now freely available on an open source basis — for free.

Log analysis tool keeps Washington Post news apps on time
A log analysis tool integration with AWS Lambda helps The Washington Post’s mobile app dev team stay on top of IT operations.

Trending Terms
fever chart
data visualization
advanced analytics
log management
database activity monitoring

Writing for Business
The ability to visualize data is important now and will only become _______ in the future.
a. more so
b. moreso

January 11, 2018  2:57 AM

robotic process automation (RPA)

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the use of software with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks that previously required humans to perform. These tasks can include queries, calculations and maintenance of records and transactions. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“RPA is part of a broader spectrum of automation that ranges from simple scripts and macros to still-emerging cognitive platforms that merge automation and artificial intelligence.” – John Moore

Learning Center
Master the seven key DevOps engineer skills for 2018
In 2018, new DevOps engineer skills, like mastering automation and IoT, are going to change what it means to work in a DevOps shop.

From blockchain to RPA: A look at cutting-edge tech and the enterprise
In this CIO Essential Guide, learn about four cutting-edge technologies that could give your company the upper hand over industry competitors.

‘Proof of value’ — not proof of concept — key to RPA technology
Companies interested in robotic process automation (RPA) technology get fixated on proving it works, not its business value. Here’s how to fix that.

What IT automation trends mean for the future of the shop
Tech has enabled everyone to be technical. What does that mean for the IT department? Here’s why IT automation trends are just the beginning of the changes.

CRM machine learning leaps forward, assisting process automation
Companies in communications, financial services and other verticals can benefit from CRM machine learning driving AI and analytics.

Trending Terms
machine learning
screen scraping
digital transformation
software robotics
robot economy
digital labor

Writing for Business
The promise of automation is that people will need to work _____ hours.
a. fewer
b. less

January 10, 2018  2:54 AM

VoIP (voice over IP)

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

VoIP (voice over IP) is the transmission of voice and multimedia content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. VoIP historically referred to using IP to connect private branch exchanges (PBXs), but the term is now used interchangeably with IP telephony. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“To ensure proper identification and troubleshooting of VoIP-related issues, a business should consider a holistic approach to communications monitoring.” – Michael Brandenburg

Learning Center
Unified communications vendors continue consolidation carousel
The consolidation trend among unified communications vendors continues, as Polycom, Star2Star and West announce mergers and acquisitions.

The voice technology evolution: From analog to digital to VoIP
Editor Jean DerGurahian reflects on what voice technology used to mean for the phone call process and how quality standards remain the same today.

Network pros troubleshoot VoIP quality, reliability
The need for high VoIP quality keeps network managers focused on performance and reliability as they develop communication services.

The omnichannel contact center is now mandatory
The omnichannel contact center is becoming increasingly important. But voice communications is still the preferred channel for many consumers.

What are the requirements for E911 services for VoIP providers?
Learn the requirements to maintain E911 services and ensure the correct information is routed to the appropriate authorities during an emergency call.

Trending Terms
private branch exchange
IP telephony
endpoint device
real-time communications

Writing for Business
The _______ reason a company switches to VoIP is to save money.
a. principle
b. principal

January 9, 2018  8:43 PM

prime number

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

A prime number is a whole number greater than 1 whose only factors are 1 and itself. A factor is a whole number that can be divided evenly into another number. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“The security of many encryption systems is based on mathematical problems involving prime numbers so large that the problems are prohibitively hard for attackers to solve.” – Michael Cobb

Learning Center
1024-bit encryption keys: How ‘trapdoored’ primes have caused insecurity
Attacks on 1024-bit encryption keys are now possible, with trapdoored primes being used for efficient decryption. Find out how they work.

Is “responsible encryption” the new answer to “going dark”?
“Responsible encryption” joins “going dark” as the FBI’s newest buzzword for lawful access to encrypted data as officials continue press for weakened crypto.

How to use data encryption tools and techniques effectively
This overview of data encryption tools and methods provides recommendations for protecting data at rest and in transit.

Risk & Repeat: Responsible encryption ramps up
This Risk & Repeat podcast discusses the U.S. government’s push for responsible encryption and what it means for the tech industry.

Following Equifax breach, CEO doesn’t know if data is encrypted
After the massive Equifax breach, the new CEO said in a congressional hearing that he doesn’t know whether the company has started to encrypt customer data

Trending Terms
Mersenne prime
Fermat prime
Diffie-Hellman key exchange

Writing for Business
Many organizations don’t give encryption a thought until they suffer a data _______.
a. breach
b. breech

January 8, 2018  4:14 PM


Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

Security information and event management (SIEM) is an approach to security management that combines SIM (security information management) and SEM (security event management) functions into one security management system. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“SIEM as a utility is the answer to enterprises’ questions about how to grow strategically at scale, while not compromising safety and soundness.” – A.N. Ananth

Learning Center
2018 prediction: Why that smart fish tank hack should have you swim to SIEM
Remember the smart fish tank hack in 2017? IoT attacks are sophisticated, and they’re here. Learn how SIEM as a utility can help keep your enterprise safe.

Is your fish tank listening? A roadmap to dipping your toes in the IoT waters
As enterprises adopt IoT devices and manufacturers develop enterprise tools, there is a shared responsibility to ensure data is fortified against attacks.

The tug of war between user behavior analysis and SIEM
User behavior analysis features appear in a range of information security technologies, and the trend is expected to continue.

How to find the best SIEM system for your company
Learn to locate the best SIEM system for your organization by reading this overview of the latest SIEM tech developments.

Will it last? The marriage between UBA tools and SIEM
In this issue of ‘Information Security’ magazine, we look at SIEM, UBA tools and considerations for effectively implementing user behavior analytics.

Trending Terms
security information management
correlation engine
user behavior analytics
security event

Writing for Business
The number of security holes found during the penetration test left _________ shaken.
a. the CSO and me
b. the CSO and I
c. the CSO and myself

January 5, 2018  5:40 PM

bang-bang control

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

Bang-bang control is a type of control system that mechanically or electronically turns something on or off when a desired target (setpoint) has been reached. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Even the way we control lights is changing as the simple on/off switch gives way to flexible control options through smartphones, touch panels and even voice control.” – Daniel Cooley

Learning Center
Growing pains of the internet of things
While slow to take off, enterprise and industrial IoT systems will break down barriers to innovation and communication that previously existed.

Ten tips for migrating to SCADA systems plus IoT
Uncover 10 critical steps enterprises must consider to successfully and securely update SCADA systems for IoT.

Industrial control systems a growing target for cyber attack
Attackers with increasing capabilities have strong financial motivation to go after critical infrastructure and manufacturing firms, says security industry expert.

What is the impact of the Siemens SCADA vulnerability?
Siemens SCADA vulnerabilities were discovered in their software products, allowing for local privilege escalation. Find out how to prevent the attacks.

Real-time vs. near-real-time analytics — how to choose
Everyone wants data, but are near-real-time analytics sufficient. Or does it have to be truly ‘real-time?’ Expert Tom Nolle walks through the cloud choices.

Trending Terms
control loop
control system
industrial control system
distributed control system
programmable logic controller

Writing for Business
_______ are common in factory automation, building automation and material handling systems.
a. PLC’s
b. PLCs

January 4, 2018  5:38 PM


Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) is a technology that distributes network traffic across wide area networks (WAN) that uses software-defined networking (SDN) concepts to automatically determine the most effective way to route traffic to and from branch offices and data center sites. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Over time, SD-WAN will provide enhanced support for IoT, mobility — like Wi-Fi and 5G — and evolve toward the concept of the software-defined branch.” – Lee Doyle

Learning Center
Cloud culture calls for flexible networks
Cloud-based workloads demand more flexibility, so how can businesses rethink their WAN strategies to accommodate this.

SD-WAN 2.0: What SD-WAN trends to look for in 2018
SD-WAN technology will continue to mature in 2018, but here are some of the major SD-WAN trends to keep an eye out for in the future.

What are the top SD-WAN management concerns?
SD-WAN deployments are increasing, but IT pros still have concerns about SD-WAN management. Expert Lee Doyle addresses some of the most common issues.

SD-WAN explained: Getting your questions answered
Read this compilation of questions and answers about SD-WAN, explained by SearchSDN experts. And let us know what SD-WAN questions you have.

How does a managed SD-WAN service work?
Networking expert John Burke discusses managed SD-WAN services and why providers hope offering such services to customers will win them a piece of the SD-WAN pie.

Trending Terms
overlay network
WAN optimization
hybrid WAN

Writing for Business
There are a number of methods you can use to capture VoIP calls ___ a LAN.
a. off
b. off of

January 3, 2018  5:35 PM

digital transformation (DX)

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

Digital transformation (DX) is the strategic use of technology and automation to dramatically change how businesses keep pace with changing customer expectations and economic conditions. Continued….

Quote of the Day

“A digital transformation initiative answers the need to interact with internal and external customers the way they want you to. That will require adopting and integrating new tools to transform the way a company operates.” – Dan Morris

Learning Center
Top IT guidance for CIOs in 2017 underscores urgency of digitization
Our top 10 IT guidance columns of 2017 point to the need for digital transformation and break down the steps CIOs need to take to accomplish it.

Your digital transformation initiative is probably not future-proof
Don’t embark on a digital transformation initiative until you’ve taken this readiness assessment quiz.

Five steps to enterprise digital transformation
Business leaders may recognize the importance of digital transformation, but as Software AG’s Kevin Niblock says, they are not so clear on how to enable it.

Digital transformation business: Procurement ripe for revitalization
As the digital transformation business moves into back-office operations, systems such as procurement may be among the candidates for renewal.

A look at digital transformation tools and strategies
Learn about digital transformation tools and techniques that can help enable digital transformation by overcoming roadblocks, such as legacy applications.

Trending Terms
supply chain
Chief Digital Officer
digital enterprise
machine learning

Writing for Business
Digital transformation is tied to the broader trend of business transformation and takes ______ to take hold.
a. awhile
b. a while

January 2, 2018  9:26 PM

incident response

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

Incident response is an organized approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of a security breach or cyberattack, also known as an IT incident, computer incident, or security incident. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“The incident response policy should be embedded in the hearts and minds of the response team via regular drills, practice and repetition — particularly including creative war-gaming exercises.” – Johna Till Johnson

Learning Center
How automated incident response can help security
Automated incident response could ease some of the current burden on security professionals. Here’s a look at how it helps.

Crafting a cybersecurity incident response plan, step by step
Is your cybersecurity incident response plan the best it can be? Follow the detailed and actionable guidance offered in this handbook, and it will be.

Make your incident response policy a living document
An incident response policy must be carefully devised, but also regularly updated, and always effectively communicated to all personnel.

IT incident response ditches root cause analysis process
IT incident response has evolved beyond the root cause analysis process with DevOps culture and highly complex distributed infrastructures.

Simple steps to improve the IT incident management process
An effective IT incident management process means ops teams can put out fires before they become infernos. You can refine efforts in three steps.

>Trending Terms
incident response plan
data breach
computer forensics
threat intelligence
vulnerability analysis

Writing for Business
Most major security breaches ____________ human error.
a. can be attributed to
b. are due to

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