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August 29, 2018  7:45 PM


Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

Qlik is a software vendor specializing in data visualization, executive dashboards and self-service business intelligence products. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“At a high level, data discovery tools help organizations glean insight and value from data. Through visualizations, analytics and other basic capabilities, these products ensure business intelligence initiative success.” – Bob Violino

Learning Center
Predictive analytics in education can flag troubled students
Predictive analytics in education may help administrators of the sprawling Loudoun County, Va., school district identify at-risk students and help them faster.

Qlik Sense vs. QlikView: How the two Qlik tools compare
On the question of Qlik Sense vs. QlikView, the differences between the two popular data visualization products are mostly minor.

Choosing the right data discovery platform for the enterprise
Visualizations, IT management, data sources and compliance features are just some considerations for businesses in the market for data discovery tools. Ultimately, business goals determine the best data discovery platform, so it’s vital that the features deliver.

Mike Capone, Qlik CEO, says roadmap targets cloud, big data
Mike Capone, Qlik CEO, says the company’s software is strong, but it must evolve to keep pace with changes in cloud computing, big data and cognitive computing.

BI vendors aim to ease visual data analysis by business users
GoodData and Periscope Data are the latest BI software vendors to add visual data analysis capabilities that enable business users to explore data sets and create data visualizations on their own.

Trending Terms
data visualization
executive dashboard
self-service analytics
in-memory analytics
data governance
data silo

Quiz Yourself
To remain effective, analytical processes must ________ fine-tuned.
A. constantly stay
B. stay constantly

August 28, 2018  7:33 PM

Ansible playbook

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

An Ansible playbook is an organized unit of scripts that defines work for a server configuration managed by the automation tool Ansible. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“An Ansible playbook presents IT organizations with a human- and machine-readable way to describe infrastructure configurations, build containers and do other tasks.” – Sander van Vugt

Learning Center
How to start using Ansible for Windows management
Ansible for Windows gives administrators versed in Microsoft technology a versatile tool that’s easy to configure and scales up to manage multiple machines using the PowerShell technology they already know.

Two Ansible playbook examples illustrate config management
Delve into these Ansible playbook examples to learn how the configuration management tool makes short work of tasks.

Learn Ansible basics in this video tutorial
Follow along with this video through the Ansible basics of effective configuration management and automation, via ad hoc commands and playbooks.

Ansible variables give structure to playbook execution
Ansible variables organize and direct playbook execution by conditions such as server type — and that’s a fact.

Use Ansible in vSphere to automate management tasks
Using Ansible in vSphere allows you to script many management responsibilities including VM provisioning and tasks related to adding, removing or modifying VMKernel interfaces, vSwitches and portgroups.

Trending Terms
configuration management
Red Hat
open source
role-based access control

Quiz Yourself
Due to a configuration problem, _____ email servers are down and users have no access.
a. you’re
b. your

August 27, 2018  7:29 PM

Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

The Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) is an online service that automates the enrollment and configuration of Apple OS X and iOS devices in an organization’s mobile device management software. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) simplifies the process for IT to enroll a new Apple device through automation…Unlike Apple’s previous device management tools, DEP prevents users from removing devices from the program.” – Kristen Gloss

Learning Center
Explore new iOS security features
Organizations can expect new iOS security features from Apple with the release of iOS 12. Learn how to make devices more secure and find out what other features already help with device management.

How Apple DEP works and why it’s important
Apple’s Device Enrollment Program can help organizations provide simpler device management. Learn how the Apple DEP made waves in endpoint management strategy.

Explore new options for Apple enterprise device management
Apple enterprise device management has been notoriously challenging. Learn about a few updates from Apple that may make the process easier from an IT admin’s perspective.

Apple Device Enrollment Program expands, but IT wants more
The Apple Device Enrollment Program will support devices not bought from Apple or channel partners, a huge help for schools, SMBs, nonprofits and others.

Explore options for automatic device enrollment
The number of mobile devices is increasing, but so are options for device enrollment. IT can simplify the process by using programs from major mobile providers, such as Apple’s DEP and Samsung’s KME.

Trending Terms
mobile device management
enterprise mobility management
enterprise app store

Quiz Yourself
Your Apple ID is the user name you use to _____ to iCloud, iTunes and the app store.
a. log in
b. login

August 24, 2018  7:24 PM

DRY principle

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

The DRY (don’t repeat yourself) principle is a best practice in software development that recommends software engineers do something once, and only once. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Most often, technical debt occurs in iterative application development environments when speed of release is valued more than high quality.” — Jan Stafford

Learning Center
Five ways to reduce technical debt, rework costs in Agile, DevOps
Need to lower the cost of software development? Here are 5 steps to reduce technical debt.

Chaos engineering unearths IT deployments’ dark debt
Technical debt is what you fix in the future — it’s measurable and visible. Dark debt is only expressed through failure.

Security debt: Why you should pay attention
What’s the biggest risk companies face as they accumulate security debt?

A comprehensive beginner’s guide to DevOps for developers
The thought of diving into DevOps can be intimidating, particularly for beginners. Cameron McKenzie offers first-time advice on DevOps for developers.

Technical debt is not scary if you invest it well
Is the prospect of acquiring technical debt disturbing? Technical debt doesn’t have to be scary as long as you are smart in acquiring it.

Trending Terms
technical debt
sunk cost effect
uncertainty principle
Open Group Architecture Framework

Geek and Poke

August 23, 2018  5:18 PM

exploratory testing

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

Exploratory testing is an approach to software assessment that integrates learning about the program that’s being developed with plans for future testing. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Exploratory testing takes application programmer roles into account, giving them the flexibility to test as they build.” – Ryan Black

Learning Center
Learn the value of exploratory testing vs. scripted testing
In this episode of the Test and Release podcast, we dive into exploratory testing vs. scripted testing with Matt Heusser of Excelon Development. While each approach can be effective, these software testing methods can also supplement each other.

A QA team finds continuous testing benefits worth the effort
Find out which continuous testing benefits CloudBees utilizes internally to speed feedback and reduce defects in production. The process can benefit QA teams if they work effectively with the other parts of their organization.

An insider’s guide to the AI and IoT testing process
The IoT testing process, including AI, is tricky, time-consuming and labor-intensive. QA testing company LogiGear shares lessons learned.

Why you should get on board with software testing trends
Not sure whether to dive into AI technologies or attend a DevOps conference? These software testing trends will improve near- and long-term skill sets.

Top continuous delivery benefits and how to get them
Continuous delivery benefits, such as small, fast releases and the ability to maneuver a quickly changing demand landscape, take the paradigm from a positive option to a business necessity.

Trending Terms
exploratory model
ad hoc testing
continuous software development
black box
end-to-end testing
model-based testing

Quiz Yourself
Treating testing as a ________ rather than something that should be done continuously throughout software development is a recipe for defective software.
A. phase
B. faze

August 22, 2018  5:15 PM

container management software

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

Container management software is a range of products for automating the creation, destruction, deployment and scaling of containers. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Most container orchestration platforms have a number of exposed interfaces, some of which are designed for programmatic access via APIs, and others that are more traditional, web-based administrative or deployment consoles.” – Dave Shackleford

Learning Center
Why container orchestration platforms risk data exposure
Container orchestration platforms have exposed interfaces, which creates the risk of data exposure and unauthorized access. Learn about the risks to container orchestration systems and why they exist.

The role of container management software in IT ops
With container management software, an organization can take advantage of containerization without overcomplicating its IT operations.

Assess and choose the right container management system
Selecting the right container management system will depend on what your organization needs — whether it’s container software, orchestration or both of these.

Rounding up leading container management software in detail
Acquiring effective container management software is a complicated process. Read these comprehensive product descriptions to find the best vendor — or vendors.

Choose the right container deployment strategy and software
Buying container management software is a complex feat. Figure out the right strategy and the right software suite to achieve a solid container deployment.

Trending Terms
stateful app
Azure Stack
native cloud application

Quiz Yourself
In Kubernetes, a replication controller scales containers horizontally, ensuring there are more or ________ containers to meet the overall application’s computing needs.
A. less
B. fewer

August 21, 2018  5:12 PM

paper battery

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

A paper battery is a thin, flexible energy production and storage device that is formed by combining carbon nanotubes with a conventional sheet of cellulose-based paper. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“The problem is not knowing exactly how to innovate while dealing with the day-to-day struggles of keeping the lights on.” – Mark Campbell

Learning Center
Customers grapple with emerging technology trends, innovation
Despite interest in emerging technology trends and pressures to innovate, many customers are struggling with the constraints of organizational shortsightedness, Evolve Technology Conference speakers said.

Energy-harvesting technologies find a home in IoT
Learn how three energy-harvesting technologies — radio-free wattage, vibration energy and light energy — aim to take batteries out of the IoT power equation.

Technology innovation in 2018: From AI, VR and IoT to robotics
Chris Matthieu of Citrix offers his take on IoT technology innovations in 2018 – many of which don’t have to be conservative to be credible.

Avoid killing your IoT device battery life with these 4 tips
Battery life can make or break an IoT device. Keysight Technologies’ Cheryl Ajluni outlines four tips to help product makers ensure their devices have a long battery life.

Collaborative innovation in IoT: From vision ambiguity to mission clarity
What are the success factors that will further drive the growth and lead to faster adoption of IoT? One key factor is collaborative innovation, says Huawei’s Medhat Mahmoud.

Trending Terms
green computing
innovation culture
Lithium Ion battery
IT innovation

Quiz Yourself
With all ________ to large vendors, startups and small businesses are more likely to innovate.
a. do respect
b. due respect

August 17, 2018  5:07 PM

wear leveling

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

Wear leveling is a process that is designed to extend the life of solid-state storage devices. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“Wear leveling can increase write amplification and potentially effect solid-state drive performance, depending on how it is implemented.” – Robert Sheldon

Learning Center
Solid-state drive performance metrics go beyond latency, IOPS
Vendors base solid-state drive performance specs on IOPS and latency figures, but write amplification, SSD architecture and the storage controller are factors.

Key factors that affect NAND flash memory endurance
Several factors can shorten NAND flash memory durability, including some measures that vendors take to improve the life of their drives.

How are SSD garbage collection, wear leveling and TRIM different?
SSD garbage collection, wear leveling and TRIM are features used to give the speedy storage hardware a longer lifespan in your VMware shop.

Charge trap technology advantages for 3D NAND flash drives
Charge trap technology is being used more frequently in NAND flash SSDs and provides clear advantages. These cells are less likely to be damaged and leak electrons compared with floating gate cells. However, charge trap technology has its own set of reliability issues.

The ultimate guide to NAND flash technology
It’s important for IT buyers and administrators to understand NAND flash technology. Layers, bits per cell and durability are all concerns.

Trending Terms
NAND flash memory
P/E cycle
solid-state storage
flash controller
garbage collection

Quiz Yourself
If you don’t _______ your data effectively, you risk losing it.
a. backup
b. back up

August 16, 2018  5:04 PM

3D XPoint

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

3D XPoint is memory storage technology jointly developed by Intel and Micron Technology Inc. The two vendors have described the technology as filling a gap in the storage market between dynamic RAM (DRAM) and NAND flash. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“3D XPoint memory technology promises significantly lower latency and greater endurance than NAND flash memory, which has become prevalent in the data storage industry.” – Carol Sliwa

Learning Center
Storage class memory advances could be a game-changer
As memory continues to outpace flash storage developments, advancements in storage class memory could be the answer to modern memory woes. Learn how SCM works and what it means for the future of computing.

NAND flash shortage end could lead to dramatic price drop
NAND flash shortage is on the verge of ending after two years. Chip prices could drop significantly, semiconductor analyst Jim Handy predicted at Flash Memory Summit.

Intel, Micron end 3D XPoint memory joint development
Intel and Micron plan to cease their joint development of ultrafast 3D XPoint memory technology in 2019, once they complete work on the second generation of their high-performance technology.

How NVMe technology will rock the enterprise storage boat
NVMe technology changes how storage connects to servers and moves storage closer to the CPU, reducing latency and improving performance. It has great promise, but what challenges will businesses face to adopt the new storage protocol?

The latest on emerging memory technology
Emerging memory technology aims to provide a single type of memory for both storage and computing. Nonvolatile techs will win the day.

Trending Terms
NAND flash memory
phase-change memory
P/E cycle
non-volatile memory

Quiz Yourself
This isn’t a problem for most organizations today, but potential storage limits should ________ be considered when planning a new gateway deployment.
A. always
B. all ways

August 15, 2018  4:59 PM

all-flash array (AFA)

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert

An all-flash array is a solid state storage disk system that contains multiple flash memory drives instead of spinning hard disk drives. Continued…

Quote of the Day

“All-flash arrays, whether built with fast SSDs or custom flash cards, are the race cars of the data storage world, characterized by IOPS numbers in the millions and fast connections to host systems.” – Jim O’Reilly

Learning Center
Three trends causing the rapid commoditization of AFA storage
New technology and market trends have caused AFA storage prices to plummet, leading to commoditization of all-flash arrays and opportunities for upstart vendors and customers.

Navigating the all-flash array storage buying process
Learn how to assess your organization’s needs for all-flash array storage and how to evaluate the different AFA storage products to find the right fit.

NVMe technology is but a first step toward bigger things
NVMe technology is leading the way to storage-class memory and other, more significant advances in storage. Get ready for it to play an important role in your storage strategy.

AFA storage advances may mean the end of the hybrid market
As AFA storage becomes more affordable without performance loss, it may mark the end of any reasons to choose hybrid storage over all-flash.

Forget all-flash arrays, aim for flash-optimized storage first
Vendors should focus on developing cost-effective, easy-to-use flash-optimized storage rather than pushing all-flash catch-all storage offerings.

Trending Terms
hybrid flash array
non-volatile memory
3D NAND flash
garbage collection

Quiz Yourself
You should explore data archiving long before there’s a risk that your storage limit will be _____.
a. met
b. reached

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