About Margaret Rouse

I’m a technical writer and published author. I speak fluent Geek, Biz-speak, SAPanese, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Agile, VAR and most Vendor dialects. I spend of a lot of my time translating these highly specialized languages into plain English. Before joining TechTarget in August 2000, when they acquired the technical computer dictionary, WhatIs.com, I put my background in computer science to practical use as a trainer, writer, LAN administrator and webmaster.

This blog is kind of my virtual bulletin board. I’m picking out things that go with the WhatIs.com Word of the Day, things that I want to remember later on, trends I want to watch, buzzwords I think we need to define — anything that catches my interest that I want to share with other people who are also watching the big picture.

You can write to me at mrouse@techtarget.com. Or you can catch up with me on Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ too!

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