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February 24, 2012  11:28 AM

Have Tory immigration policies helped UK IT professionals?

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Barack Obama, immigration, India, tories

I haven't written much recently about the unpopularity of offshoring amongst IT professionals in the UK. Businesses using lower cost workers from offshore locations such as India is not popular. Political parties can see this and use it as to try and win votes.

Before the last UK...

September 17, 2010  11:22 AM

Immigration caps are damaging the UK economy, says Vince Cable

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cap, immigration, Liberals, tories

It is as official as it could be when the business secretary says it. "A lot of damage is being done to British Industry" by the cap on work visas, enforced by the...

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June 28, 2010  7:22 PM

Tories limit immigration, let the debate begin

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immigration, Outsourcing, tories

The Tories have set their stall to reduce the immigration of non EU citizens to the UK.

With a little help from their new friends, the liberals, the government has cut the number of permitted...

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June 28, 2010  12:21 PM

UK jobs created by India suppliers

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
HCL, tories

Indian IT companies are often criticised because their business model often means that UK IT workers are subsequently replaced by lower cost workers form India. So

May 12, 2010  9:09 AM

Tory caps on immigration survive Liberal quick rinse

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
immigration, tories

Tory caps on immigration look set to be one of it's policies that survives the Liberal Democrat quick wash.

The Tories plan to cap the number of overseas workers permitted to come to the UK.

May 6, 2010  7:04 AM

IT leaders may face recruitment challenges if Tories win

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40

So the much awaited day of reckoning has arrived. The General Election is here.

I remember when the Tories were booted out in 1997. I was a student at the time and there was a feeling of renewal in the air. This time it's a bit different with none of the parties really offering any...

March 3, 2010  11:33 AM

Could NHS IT spend commitment be a poison pill for Tories?

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Labour, noa, tories

Following Labour's decision to rush through National Project for IT supplier agreements that will tie the next government to billions of spend, the National Outsourcing Association's...

February 25, 2010  11:09 AM

Where would a hung parliament leave bank plans to offshore IT?

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
IT, Labour, Offshoring, RBS, tories

The more the election campaigns of the political parties drag on, the more I feel the next government will have a small majority or you never know there could be a hung parliament.

No matter what mess Labour get themselves in the Tories can't seem to take full advantage.


February 4, 2010  8:44 PM

Indian suppliers welcome tougher policing of intra company transfers

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Apsco, ICTs, Nasscom, tories

The meeting between the UK organisation that represents many IT professionals and the Indian outsourcing trade body revealed some common ground.

I blogged earlier this...

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