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October 23, 2012  10:14 AM

Watch Cornwall council’s outsourcing shenanigans here

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alecrobertson, cornwallcouncil, Outsourcing

I have written loads about the controversy at Cornwall council regarding a plan to outsource services. It led to the

October 22, 2012  2:01 PM

Essential read before renegotiating an IT outsourcing contract.

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Back in September I did a series of blog posts about IT outsourcing contract re-negotiations. It seems we are amid a period of increased renegotiation activity.

I did several blogs, which are all linked to below. I was trying to build up as much material as I could for a feature I was...

October 16, 2012  4:29 PM

Cornwall council former deputy leader now leader and against outsourcing

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alecrobertson, Cornwall, CSC, Outsourcing

The proposed outsourcing strategy at Cornwall council looks doomed to fail as the new leader is voted in because he is against the proposal.

Earlier today Cornwall...

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October 11, 2012  2:45 PM

Internal IT teams are wired for negativity when it comes to change

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When outsourcing IT we all know that the challenges go far beyond choosing technology and suppliers.

Getting internal acceptance of an outsourcing agreement is,...

October 3, 2012  2:06 PM

WorldPay uses pick and mix outsourcing

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40

I have just had an interview with the CTO of WorldPay, Erik Toivonen, for a

October 1, 2012  11:57 AM

IT outsourcing renegotiations at a ten year high

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DLA Piper, Outsourcing

IT outsourcing contract renegotiations have become a subject close to my heart over the last couple of weeks. That's what writing features about an issue does to you. Interviewing people that know a lot more about a subject than yourself is great for building up a good understanding of what's...

September 27, 2012  12:09 PM

Advice for companies that want to renegotiate outsourcing contracts

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IT outsourcing contract renegotiations are on the up. Businesses are finding themselves in agreements that are no longer efficient or effective as a result of economic changes, while others want to harness new technologies as part of agreements.

I am working on a feature about the...

September 27, 2012  10:46 AM

Outsourcer Xchanging to re-launch its insurance software business

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Allianz, AXA, Outsourcing, Xchanging

Xchanging is a name that crops up regularly in my conversations about outsourcing but I have never written about it before. It is a big business process outsourcing firm, with a large...

September 26, 2012  1:30 PM

IT outsourcing contracts failing to deliver 28% of what is expected

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40

In continuation of my recent theme of blogging about IT outsourcing contract renegotiations here is another bit of info my interviews with...

September 26, 2012  10:34 AM

Mid-sized businesses are the big outsourcers today, but will they repeat mistakes of pioneers?

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Cloud Computing, forbes, Outsourcing

I interviewed a partner at US firm ISG yesterday. ISG is the company that owns sourcing broker TPI and IT benchmarker Compass Management Consultancy.

As a result it has a great view of the global...

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