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August 26, 2011  3:27 PM

India confirms tough data law will not apply to Indian BPO suppliers

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BPO, Data protection, Nasscom, Offshoring

The Indian Data protection law, which was introduced a couple of months ago, created uncertainty in the outsourcing sector.

The new law looked like putting lots of extra work on suppliers providing BPO.

June 13, 2011  12:36 PM

Indian IT sector faces pay for results

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HCL, Nasscom

The FT ran an interesting article expressing the views of Nasscom about the post-recession period.

The statement, from Nasscom's head Som Mittal, that the Indian services sector will grow 15% to be worth $70bn this year revealed confidence that businesses are spending on IT services...

May 31, 2011  3:54 PM

Nasscom hits back at Public Accounts Committee report

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ICTs, Migrationwatch, Nasscom

The use of Intra Company Transfers is contentious at the best of times. But when the economy is struggling, the practice of bringing offshore workers to the UK, is highly contentious.

A recent

February 11, 2011  9:15 AM

Recession in outsourcing sector is over. Day three Nasscom 2011

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Here is PA's Alex Blues' take on the final day of the Nasscom India Leadership Forum.
Interestingly it appears the IT industry believes that the outsourcing recession is over.

See Alex's

February 9, 2011  10:23 AM

IT services ready for growth, growth and growth. Day one Nasscom.

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40

Yesterday was the first day of the Nasscom India Leadership Forum in Mumbai. We have a blogger at the event in the form of PA's Alex Blues.

Yesterday we posted

February 7, 2011  3:57 PM

Will Nasscom reveal the new normal in outsourcing?

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India, Nasscom, Offshoring

Alex Blues, IT Sourcing Specialist at PA Consulting Group, has agreed to blog for me from Nasscom's big event again this year.

See all of his posts from last year by clicking

September 9, 2010  10:24 AM

Can governments really ban offshoring in this day and age?

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Nasscom, Offshoring

US state of Ohio's decision to ban the offshoring of government work to countries like India has triggered a debate that could be an important one for the UK as the government looks for ways to cut costs.

June 10, 2010  8:52 PM

Do Brazilian IT professionals need to be proficient in English?

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Brazil, Nasscom, Outsourcing

Here is the latest report from Angelica Mari in Brazil, where she has been seeing what IT services are on offer. This time she reports the views of people at the event  about the importance of the English language.

Also see her

February 26, 2010  10:46 AM

Will it be Nasscom, Brasscom, Slasscom or another?

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Brasscom, IT outsourcing, ITiDA, Nasscom, PRO, Slasscom

India has lead the way for IT offshoring over the last ten years but like any sport the pioneers are always pegged back eventually.

Cricket, Football and Rugby were once dominated by England but then it shared it with others, who often put even more focus on it and become better than...

February 11, 2010  5:06 PM

Day 3 – Nasscom gets its “swagger back”

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40

This is the third blog from Nasscom by Alex Blues, PA Consulting Group's head of IT sourcing. See his

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