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February 14, 2011  11:08 AM

Linux ultimate test begins with offshore captive under the spotlight

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Linux, MillenniumIT, offshore, Tradelect

The London Stock Exchange's new Linux based core trading system, which replaced its .Net Tradelect system, is now up and running on the main stock exchange.


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October 21, 2010  6:00 AM

How offshored software development and Linux put the London Stock Exchange ahead of its rivals

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.NET, Linux, MillenniumIT, Offshoring, Turquoise

The London Stock Exchange offshored the development of its core trading system when it acquired Sri Lanka based MillenniumIT. It also dumped .Net and moved to...

September 10, 2010  3:49 PM

UK IT workers are leaving the UK because they are fed up

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.NET, ICT, Java, Linux, Offshoring, SQL, Unix, Windows

The number of overseas workers in the UK is driving local talent out. Below is an account from a UK IT professional about why he decided to leave these shores for pastures new.

The post below was in reaction to a blog about the possibility of the

August 12, 2010  8:30 PM

Open source already used in 80% of corporates

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Linux, Open source

This is an interesting story about the take up of Linux in the corporate sector.

On this blog I sometimes touch on the

August 9, 2010  1:37 PM

Cloud computing will increase open source take-up in big business

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Cloud Computing, Linux, Open source

The value of this blog is often the comments posted about the individual blog posts. Inside Outsourcing is supposed to be a two way discussion forum.

This blog is about a comment left on a

August 5, 2010  3:11 PM

Linux rises most but SQL, Java, C, C#, .Net and ASP skills most demanded

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.NET, ASP, C, CWJobs, Java, Linux, SQL

Outsourcing is a great way to fill skills gaps so once again I am blogging about demand for particular skills. End user businesses need to know where they can go to fill skill gaps and service providers need to know what skills are in demand.

The latest

June 2, 2010  11:47 AM

Linux is an example of how outsourcers could cut government costs

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government, Linux, Outsourcing

The debate for and against IT outsourcing in the public sector has livened up as a result of government plans to cut costs.

Those that argue in favour of more outsourcing might say that the

May 7, 2010  1:49 PM

Linux is ready for the ultimate challenge

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Linux, MillenniumIT

If the London Stock Exchange can use Linux for its core trading system then surely enterprises can move to the open source version of Unix.

Trading venues are dependent on 100% up-time and high performance computing. Milliseconds of downtime can cost its customers millions and cause...

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