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January 11, 2013  3:56 PM

Forget giving up booze here are KPMG’s New Year’s resolutions in IT outsourcing

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40

I have been doing blogs about IT predictions for 2013 but I haven't done any resolutions. Here are some New Year's resolutions from KPMG as well as some advice on achieving them.

December 17, 2012  9:03 AM

IT outsourcing predictions for Europe in 2013. Part One KPMG

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
KPMG, Outsourcing

I am currently writing an article about trends in IT outsourcing across Europe next year. I have put out a request to people in the industry for their views. But as always I...

September 28, 2012  10:43 AM

IT budgets are being controlled by marketing teams

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
CIO, Customer Relationship Management, KPMG, service provider, social media

I did a story back in August about how KPMG research showed that IT budgets are increasingly controlled by marketing executives as customer relationship management (CRM) software becomes critical to customer retention.

September 21, 2012  12:29 PM

Are we seeing first wave of recession proof outsourcing contracts in trouble?

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
KPMG, Outsourcing

I am currently working on a feature about renegotiating IT outsourcing contracts. As a result I have contacted people in the sector to get their views. As I go through some...

September 21, 2012  10:13 AM

Banks still biggest IT outsourcers but where is the money going?

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
KPMG, Outsourcing

KPMG's latest UK IT Service Provider Performance Study showed once again that finance...

July 26, 2012  3:35 PM

Computacenter tops KPMG IT service provider list

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Computacenter, KPMG

Computacenter has come out on top of KPMG's

June 13, 2012  10:43 AM

Why are shared services being taken up more than normal outsourcing?

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Cabinet office, KPMG, Outsourcing

Some interesting research from KPMG last week revealed that while demand for outsourcing is increasing it is the shared services element that is growing the fastest.

According to...

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February 23, 2012  10:42 AM

KPMG calls on CIOs to spill the beans of their IT service providers

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Equaterra, KPMG, service provider

As I mentioned in a blog post yesterday the comprehensive survey of service provider performance carried out by Equaterra since 2002 is up and running this year.

2012 sees the...

February 22, 2012  12:05 PM

Was the staff exodus at EDS the wider IT services industry’s gain?

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Equaterra, Hewlett-Packard, KPMG

When HP acquired EDS in 2008 there was an exodus of staff.

I was contacted by EDSers in the US and the UK in the months after the take-over. They were not a happy bunch.

February 17, 2012  10:39 AM

New wave of IT suppliers buying captives from customers

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Citibank, CoreLogic, KPMG

IT service providers could be going through around of buying the offshore IT captives of their customers. These departments, known as captives, used by big businesses including many of the big bank.
Lee Ayling at KPMG told me yesterday that he is currently working with a couple of...

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