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February 24, 2012  11:28 AM

Have Tory immigration policies helped UK IT professionals?

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Barack Obama, immigration, India, tories

I haven't written much recently about the unpopularity of offshoring amongst IT professionals in the UK. Businesses using lower cost workers from offshore locations such as India is not popular. Political parties can see this and use it as to try and win votes.

Before the last UK...

August 26, 2011  2:02 PM

Why is the UK border Authority still using pay rates from 2008 to limit immigration?

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ICTs, immigration

When the UK Border Authority (UKBA) this week announced that net migration had gone up I couldn't help following up on a story I wrote a few months ago.

In the IT...

May 17, 2011  11:21 AM

Latest report on immigration system abuse. Waste of paper or step in the right direction?

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Yet another report has been published that points to companies abusing the UK immigration system to bring in cheap IT workers.

There seems to be a report into this every other month. All point to the same thing, that UK IT professionals are being undercut by low cost IT workers in...

April 1, 2011  4:15 PM

US cheap IT worker immigration loophole as bad the UK’s

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H1-B, ICTs, immigration

I am constantly writing about the problems IT professionals face as a result of businesses bringing offshore workers to the UK using the controversial Intra Company Transfer scheme to provide businesses with low cost IT staff.

Well the US equivalent, known as the H1-B visa, is equally...

March 15, 2011  10:40 AM

Are there thousands of IT professionals in the UK illegally?

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ICT, immigration, NAO, UKBA

The National Audit Office's (NAO) latest report, which looked at the UK immigration points system, had some interesting findings.

Obviously the headline that everyone went with was the fact that there

March 10, 2011  9:55 AM

UK Border Agency says errors in immigration rules led to details being pulled from website

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ICTs, immigration, UKBA

I blogged yesterday about the fact that the government (UK Border Agency) had withdrawn new details on salaries for...

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November 22, 2010  4:13 PM

Offshore IT worker exemption from new pay threshold makes influencial UK IT figure angry

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40

I wrote a blog earlier today about the fact that the government looks set to exempt IT workers from the £40,000 pay threshold likely to be put on...

November 5, 2010  11:40 AM

If IT professionals have it hard, what about poor comedians, models, magicians and acupuncturists?

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ICT, immigration

The Daily Mail wrote an article about the upcoming immigration cap yesterday.

It uses some of the figures

November 3, 2010  2:04 PM

Immigration cap report will be published November 18

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40

I blogged this morning about the fact that the Migration Advisory Committee is yet to publish its report on the immigration cap. It...

September 27, 2010  3:39 PM

IT immigration loophole debate hits the mainstream

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ICT, immigration, Offshoring

BBC 5 Live last night featured the controversial subject of the Intra Company Transfer or ICT for short.

Find a podcast of last night's broadcast, 5 Live investigates, here.

In the time given the...

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