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February 22, 2010  2:44 PM

HP, Fujitsu and now Siemens face strike action

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
BBS, EDS, Fujitsu, HP, Siemens

Businesses outsourcing their IT have never been more aware of the risks of leaving staff  welfare in the hands of service providers.

We have all seen the troubles that HP has had recently with workers it picked up through its deal with the DWP. HP workers who joined as part of its...

February 16, 2010  11:02 AM

Could DWP loss be first of many for HP/EDS?

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dwp, EDS, Fujitsu, HP

Suppliers will be hanging on the words of Joe Harley, the Department of Work and Pensions  CIO, who said after announcing a deal with Fujitsu, that there are...

January 28, 2010  4:04 PM

Are acquisitions good for outsourcing sector?

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ACS, Dell, EDS, HP, Perot Systems, Xerox

I wrote a story recently about what mergers and acquisitions in the IT sector mean to CIOs.

It talked about how large suppliers can take technologies to the next level.

January 26, 2010  7:21 PM

HP-EDS loses court ruling in £700m dispute with BSkyB

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bskyb, EDS, HP

My colleague Tony Collins has been following the EDS (now HP) BSkyB court battle since the begining.

This case has been going on for five years and is related to a failed CRM system. It has cost both firms millions of pounds.

January 13, 2010  3:19 PM

HP receives massive blow by losing DWP contract

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dwp, EDS, HP, strike

HP's woes contiunue as the Department of Work & Pensions ends an outsourcing agreement with the supplier.

According to a report in the Register Fujitsu Services is replacing HP.

Details are still thin on the...

January 4, 2010  9:25 AM

Top outsourcing stories of 2009

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EDS, HP, Outsourcing, Satyam

This is a list of what I think are the top ten outsourcing stories I wrote last year. I have ranked them in terms of the number of people that clicked on the articles.

Obviously there were massive stories written by other people. But what were the best?


December 10, 2009  12:06 PM

Another busy week in Outsourcing round up 10 december 2009

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Cloud Computing, Equaterra, HCL, HP

Some of the important stories in the outsourcing sector  this week.

HP workers call off a strike.

This story is significant because if the workers at the...

December 3, 2009  11:11 AM

Outsourcing round up 03 December 2009

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
BP, Cognizant, EDS, HCL, HP, T-Systems

Outsourcing IT can be controversial. As a result there is always lots to write about.

Here are a selection of links to interesting stories so far this week.

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