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January, 2013

January 18, 2013  3:21 PM

When Bob offshored his job was he doing anything that different?

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40

I blogged yesterday about the US software development head within a big US organization who had been sending his own work to a Chinese services provide to be done for a fraction of his salary.

January 18, 2013  1:02 PM

How will HCL cope without its voice?

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HCL's extravagant leader Vineet Nayar  is stepping away from the role of CEO. The man that famously puts employees before customers is moving to become joint managing director until July and vice-chairman after that.

Nayar has been seen as the driving force behind the company's...

January 17, 2013  12:23 PM

US software programmer outsources his own job to China

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
China, Virtual Private Network

I was recently asked by the BBC whether IT contractors, known as Ringers, were winning multiple contracts and...

January 17, 2013  11:24 AM

Tata Consultancy services still gets double digit growth

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India's biggest IT services firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has managed to generate 14% more in sales in its latest quarter compared to the same period last year. Its sales were worth about $2.9bn in the three month period.

January 15, 2013  12:46 PM

Has the rapid rise of China created the perfect environment for offshore IT services?

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The Chinese economy might have slowed a bit during the current economic conditions but it has exploded in recent years.

China is the world's powerhouse today and heading towards world domination.

Usually when a nation develops everything becomes expensive. Less developed...

January 15, 2013  11:34 AM

If Fujitsu system has sent people to prison, will Post office face huge compensation claims?

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Over the last few years Computer Weekly has written about the plight of sub-postmasters that allege that the accounting system that they use has been faulty and caused them to be falsely accused of cooking the books.

Some sub-postmasters have even gone to prison.

But there...

January 14, 2013  2:05 PM

I wonder how HP workers feel about Meg Whitman’s pay packet?

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According to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission last Friday HP CEO Meg Whitman got over £9m pay in 2012 despite HP's heavy losses.

She was only paid a basic salary of $1 but this...

January 14, 2013  12:29 PM

Over 60% of people agree with outsourcing local government service

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With more and more local authorities looking at ways to cut costs there is inevitably a focus on outsourcing services to the private sector. And IT is one of the areas that always seems destined to be farmed out.

Recently councils such as

January 14, 2013  11:25 AM

HP troubles show dangers of demotivated staff to business

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Is the ability for IT services firms to provide the high levels of service their clients demand being undermined by a lack of motivation amongst mistreated staff.

I wrote last week about

January 11, 2013  3:56 PM

Forget giving up booze here are KPMG’s New Year’s resolutions in IT outsourcing

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40

I have been doing blogs about IT predictions for 2013 but I haven't done any resolutions. Here are some New Year's resolutions from KPMG as well as some advice on achieving them.

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