Investigating Outsourcing:

May, 2011

May 31, 2011  3:54 PM

Nasscom hits back at Public Accounts Committee report

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
ICTs, Migrationwatch, Nasscom

The use of Intra Company Transfers is contentious at the best of times. But when the economy is struggling, the practice of bringing offshore workers to the UK, is highly contentious.

A recent

May 27, 2011  12:16 PM

Shared services not worth the time in public sector? It can’t be true.

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I have written fairly extensively about shared services in the public sector.

It seems to make perfect sense for public sector organisations, which share common processes, should share the people and systems that complete these processes.

It is already happening across the public...

May 26, 2011  11:16 AM

UK legal profession cetain of uncertainties of Indian data protection law

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Data protection

The Indian Data protection law, which was introduced last month, has created uncertainty in the outsourcing sector and clarification is needed on a rule that could create a burdensome business process.

Although it is being welcomed, the outsourcing industry wants clarification  on...

May 26, 2011  9:24 AM

Hope for Mckinnon, but has anything changed?

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Gary McKinnon

This is a bit off my beaten track as it has nothing to do with outsourcing, but as Computer Weekly has followed the case of Pentagon hacker Gary Mckinnon so closely I thought it worth writing about the latest developments to try and get some feedback.


May 23, 2011  3:40 PM

Could India’s data protection law be remedy to lingering corporate doubts?

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40

The growth of India as a destination for offshore IT services has been astonishing.

When the millennium bug approached in 1999 western businesses wanted low cost software companies to help the services of Indian software firms as low cost remedy to the problem that computers were...

May 23, 2011  11:18 AM

Views of IT outsourcing and broken TV connections from the house warming party

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Cogizant, Outsourcing

IT outsourcing is big business but if you talk to IT workers you are left wondering how?

The IT outsourcing sector in the UK was worth £41.7bn in 2009, according to

May 19, 2011  4:54 PM

Letting IT service providers get close can only benefit a business

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MillenniumIT, Outsourcing

I have recently wrote an articles that have looked at the trend of businesses sharing information with IT service providers.

If you do this both parties can plan...

May 18, 2011  2:39 PM

IT head at Aurora talks pick and mix sourcing

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Aurora, Outsourcing

I recently met Aurora IT head John Bovill. I asked him to do a guest blog post about his thoughts on IT outsourcing.

Here it is.


By John Bovill

john bovill.jpg

May 17, 2011  11:21 AM

Latest report on immigration system abuse. Waste of paper or step in the right direction?

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40

Yet another report has been published that points to companies abusing the UK immigration system to bring in cheap IT workers.

There seems to be a report into this every other month. All point to the same thing, that UK IT professionals are being undercut by low cost IT workers in...

May 16, 2011  3:26 PM

Sourcing department sophistication could reduce outsourcing

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Outsourcing, sourcing

Quite a few people I have spoken to recently have talked about the increased sophistication of the departments within businesses that are responsible for sourcing decisions.

This better understanding of outsourcing has developed after years of contract activity. This includes notable...

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