Investigating Outsourcing:

March, 2011

March 31, 2011  11:30 AM

How do I understand the true cost of putting IT in the cloud?

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Apptio, Cloud Computing, Romonet

Cloud computing seems to be on every IT director's shopping list, but do they really understand the costs of moving in-house resources into the cloud.

IT service providers are the companies doing cloud implementations. Not many businesses will build their own cloud infrastructures.


March 30, 2011  4:23 PM

Will ending the IT services to government Oligopoly improve things?

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Government IT, TPI

The government has reconfirmed that it wants to end the current situation that sees a few large IT services firms dominate central government accounts. See its latest IT strategy...

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March 29, 2011  3:04 PM

Things could get worse for Fujitsu as customer consults solicitors

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40

The Highland Council in Scotland has taken legal advice on a deal with Fujitsu which has missed service delivery targets.

The £66m deal is for IT services.

Councilor Carolyn Wilson at the Highland Council told me the council is giving Fujitsu time to sort the problems out but has...

March 29, 2011  12:06 PM

Video: how bringing offshore IT workers to UK is destroying UK IT profession and ripping off taxman

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40

Since I have blogged recently about the problem caused by businesses bringing offshore workers to the UK I thought I would promote a Youtube video (see below) sent in by a reader.

This video, which is part of a campaign against government policy, explains how both the UK IT...

March 25, 2011  3:47 PM

All eyes on Fujitsu’s desktop deal with Centrica

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
centrica, dwp, Fujitsu, HP, T-Systems

Following Fujitsu's loss of two major deals recent customers might be forgiven if they are worried about decisions to outsource desktops to the supplier.

Fujitsu lost its £300m plus desktop support deal with the Department of Work and Pensions before it had even got going as a...

March 25, 2011  2:17 PM

IT professionals shed light on differences between public and private sector

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Private sector

I posted a blog yesterday asking IT professionals to share their experiences working in the public and private sectors.


March 25, 2011  9:37 AM

Orange and T-Mobile UK operation outsources its IT to T-Systems

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Orange, T-Mobile, T-Systems

I was told that the T-Mobile and Orange joint venture in the UK known as Everything Everywhere has outsourced its IT to T-Systems.

The deal could be worth about £700m and will see a couple of hundred Everything Everywhere staff move to...

March 24, 2011  11:06 AM

Crowdsourced guide to transferring to private sector IT from public sector IT

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
cowdsourcing, IT skills

I have recently been writing quite a lot about the opportunities in the private sector for IT professionals with public sector IT backgrounds.

With the public sector haemorrhaging jobs, workers could either be forced to work for suppliers through outsourcing contracts or will be made...

March 22, 2011  1:13 PM

Fujitsu loses £500m 10 year IT services deal with Thomson Reuters after less than four years.

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
dwp, Fujitsu

It has not been a good couple of weeks for Fujitsu and the bad news could be set to continue with the DWP ending its desktop services contract before it...

March 22, 2011  10:49 AM

79% private sector CIOs prefer private sector IT skills

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Public sector

I recently blogged about some research from the Financial Times which suggested that 57% of private businesses were not...

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