Investigating Outsourcing:

December, 2010

December 17, 2010  7:21 AM

Centrica changes its outsourcer portfolio

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
centrica, Fujitsu, HP, T-System

Utility company Centrica is about to announce major changes to its IT outsourcing strategy.

A contact of mine has filled me in.

HP and Fujitsu will replace T-Systems in the datacenter and on the desktop. Meanwhile T-Systems will continue working with Centrica's SAP in the...

December 15, 2010  10:34 AM

Capgemini buys CS C (not that one)

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Atos, Capgemini

Today seems to be the day for French IT services companies buying German IT services companies.

First we had news that Atos Origin is acquiring the IT group of Siemens...

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December 15, 2010  7:38 AM

Atos Origin to buy Siemens IT group

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40

It looks like the IT services consolidation has hit Europe big time, with Atos Origin set to take over Siemens' IT operation for 850m Euros.

The companies said this will create a European IT champion.

December 8, 2010  10:10 AM

Businesses taking advantage of outsourcing by insourcing outsourcers.

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40

Another software supplier bought by customer

Standard Life has paid £42m to acquire sales automation software maker Focus Solutions.


December 7, 2010  10:39 AM

Equaterra report available free here

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Equaterra, Offshoring, Outsourcing

I have written quite a few articles as a result of getting a sneak preview of Equaterra's latest research of IT service providers.

Each year, Equaterra...

December 3, 2010  5:00 AM

Can the UK preclude China for offshore IT services?

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Bleum, China, Reuters, VanceInfo

The government needs to cut its costs and IT is one area where it can do this without compromising services. In theory that is.

The government has made it clear that it wants offshore companies to bid for government work. The coalition government has already been cosying up with India....

December 2, 2010  2:25 PM

Government invites IT suppliers to vent their anger about unfair procurement rules

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
government, Procurement

We know the government wants to work with a broader set of IT suppliers. But we also know it is very difficult for many IT suppliers, particularly SMEs, to jump through all the procurement hoops.

The government realises this and has created a website where suppliers can tell the...

December 2, 2010  11:10 AM

Small, cheap, open source and off-the-shelf IT is what the government wants

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40

The Telegraph has reported on comments made by Cabiet Minister Francis Maude, when speaking to the CEOs of the government's big IT suppliers.

He talked about reducing the size of deals and opening up the sector to more suppliers. He also talks about using off-the-shelf technology and...

December 2, 2010  9:32 AM

Will Indian IT firms have a field day as economy picks up?

KarlFl40 Profile: KarlFl40
Equaterra, Gartner, TCS

Earlier this week I blogged about the latest report about suppliers from Equaterra.

The report revealed that Indian suppliers such as Wipro,...

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