My name is Richard Evans but most people call me Rich. I’m a Senior Oracle DBA working in San Antonio, TX. For the past 10 years, I’ve worked in Aerospace & Defense or Local Government, with almost 7 of it as an Oracle DBA. I cut my teeth on Oracle 9i, Oracle Label Security, and Trusted Solaris — a world I’m so freakin’ happy to be as far away from as possible 🙂

Currently, I’m responsible for over 42 production, QA, development, and sandbox Oracle 10gR2 databases running in Solaris 10 Zones. I manage this environment with Oracle 10g Grid Control, duct tape, and chewing gum. Some how it’s all still running! I enjoy talking about just about anything Oracle or tech-related. I’m passionate about finding news ways for technology to better our lives or, at least, simply using it to make my customer’s day or job go more smoothly.

An avid reader of Oracle blogs, forums, and websites, Rich decided it was time to give back to the community. As an Oracle DBA, Rich is constantly honing his craft and learning new techniques to make the daily life of DBA a little easier.

Joe Blogger Rich has over 12 years in the IT industry and is currently a Senior Oracle DBA in San Antonio, TX. Rich spends most of his day putting out fires his wonderful users start, double-checking backups, standing up new instances, troubleshooting slow SQL or PL/SQL, or applying the endless Oracle patchsets or one-off patches. Rich is an IT guy with a Bachelors of Arts in Economics – go figure! In his free time (ha!), Rich dodges angry drivers as he rides his road bike through the Texas Hill Country or annoys the neighbors by banging on his drum set.

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