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March 28, 2014  10:22 AM

Don’t say big data, say big data in motion

Adrian Bridgwater Adrian Bridgwater Profile: Adrian Bridgwater
Big Data, Zettaset

What is real time data anyway? As you will know, in computing terms we talk about real time processing (or perhaps "computer responsiveness") as being that level of compute power and speed such that users PERCIEVE that the systems they use are operating at the same speed as human (or indeed...

February 2, 2014  1:19 PM

Shouldn’t we call it big ‘open managed’ data?

Adrian Bridgwater Adrian Bridgwater Profile: Adrian Bridgwater
Automation, configuration, JuJu, Management, Management tools, Open source, Zettaset

The advent of big data (whether you buy all the terminology classifications that now fall under this ever-broadening term) has brought with it a widened channel for open source data management tools to flourish. Open source management tools (and by that term "management" we mean application...

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