Clouds in the Open: The Operations Evolution of Open Source & Public Clouds:

March, 2013

March 28, 2013  1:04 PM

What Happens When Your Cloud Goes Away

Aaron Delp Aaron Delp Profile: Aaron Delp

I have become very dependent on Cloud Computing in my daily life. Let me start with an explanation of that statement and then I'll explain the light bulb moment (panic attack) I had recently.  I have developed a policy of any application that I use must store my data somewhere in "the cloud".  I...

March 28, 2013  4:26 AM

Cloud Applications & Vanishing Software Generations

Aaron Delp Aaron Delp Profile: Aaron Delp

I’m often asked if cloud computing provides so many great benefits, why aren’t more organizations taking advantage of cloud computing throughout the entire organization?  To answer this question let’s step back for a moment and explore why and how most organizations develop and operate their...

March 21, 2013  3:48 AM

Will Clouds Ever Be Open?

Aaron Delp Aaron Delp Profile: Aaron Delp

A few news articles and a podcast that posted over the last few weeks got me thinking about how open clouds are today. How "open" are clouds of any type these days?  Let's take a look at a few examples and see where they stand: "Closed Clouds" - Amazon / Google / VMware -...

March 12, 2013  10:13 PM

Impacts of Cloud Workload Consolidation

Aaron Delp Aaron Delp Profile: Aaron Delp

While speaking on a Cloud Computing panel recently for some government centric customers the concept of cloud consolidation impact came up.  We explored this topic for a bit and I believe the resulting outcome was worth sharing. One of the many advantages of cloud computing today is the...

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