Introduction to Free ware Bandwidth Monitoring software’s – Series 1


Cacti is one of the great free ware bandwidth monitoring software works with SNMP. It’s RRD based tool, which makes use of MySQL server as a database, and completely driven by PHP.

What is Cacti?
Cacti is a resource monitoring software which used RRDtool to store data & the data is used to create graphs. Cacti’s greatest strength is it provides complex graphs easily. Cacti come with fast poller to collect data from different resources simultaneously & do have many user management features. It’s very user-friendly that even a layman can accustomed to figure out how it works with less effort.
Why Cacti?
In a single sentence, “Cacti, because it’s easy”. Installing and using Cacti is a very simple task and does not require indepth knowledge in networking or resource management. You can install and configure it in simple steps, which makes it an ideal software for newbie network administrators. Never-the-less , its so powerful and scalable that you can use it even in large networks with hundreds of devices

Cacti can be installed on many platforms like unix, linux and windows. I am concentrating on Windows XP . In order install a Cacti download a full integrated package from following links thanks to Rony and Dave Hope for hosting .
It’s pretty easy to install, make sure IIS is enabled and just follow the steps until you reached the final step where you are suppose to do some modifications which are attached with this post.

Once you are done with installation then log on to the cacti local web port by following
http://IP Address of the PC/cacti/index.php with default username admin & password cactipw.

For Adding Devices and graphs access this link

For further details do log in to cacti forums and cacti web site

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