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Dec 28 2010   5:44AM GMT

How to configure VDC in Cisco Nexus 7000 Series switch?

Yasir Irfan Yasir Irfan Profile: Yasir Irfan

In my previous post we came to know briefly about Virtual Device Contexts (VDC) and what are the advantages of Virtual Device Contexts (VDC) as well.

Configuring Virtual Device Contexts (VDC)   Cisco Nexus 7000 Series switch is as simple as just entering the VDC name, by following below mentioned steps we can create VDC named VDC-Admin

Step 1

Connect to Cisco Nexus 7000 Series switch using a console port.

Step 2

Create a VDC named DC-CORE1

N7000-ITKE01#configure t

N7000-ITKE01 (config)#vdc  DC-CORE1

Step 3

Verify the created VDC by using following commands “Show vdc” and “show vdc VDC-CORE1 detail” as demonstrated below.

N7000-ITKE01# sho vdc

vdc_id  vdc_name                          state               mac            
——  ——–                          —–               ———-     
1       VDC-Admin                         active              00:26:98:07:1c:c1
2       DC-CORE1                          active              00:26:98:07:1c:c2
3       DC-AGG1                           active              00:26:98:07:1c:c3


The show VDC command shows VDC id based on which VDC created first.BY default VDC id is assigned to the default VDC. In this case it is VDC-Admin.

VDC-Admin# sho vdc DC-CORE1 ?
  >           Redirect it to a file
  >>          Redirect it to a file in append mode
  detail      Show detailed vdc information
  membership  Show vdc interface membership information
  resource    Show resource configuration for VDC
  |           Pipe command output to filter

N7000-ITKE01# sho vdc DC-CORE1 detail

vdc id: 2

vdc name: DC-CORE1
vdc state: active
vdc mac address: 00:26:98:07:1c:c2
vdc ha policy: RESTART
vdc dual-sup ha policy: SWITCHOVER
vdc boot Order: 1
vdc create time: Wed Dec 28 08:44:51 2010
vdc reload count: 0
vdc restart count: 0






In upcoming post I will show how to allocate physical interfaces to the newly created VDC.

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