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Nov 22 2008   12:56PM GMT

How to configure DHCP Snooping in a Cisco Catalyst Switches.

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 So here we go, with the configuration of DHCP snooping on a Cisco Switch. This feature protects the network by allowing the Cisco Switches to accept DHCP response message only from the authorized servers connected to the trusted interfaces in a Cisco Switch.


All Switch to  Switch connections are configured as 802.1 1Q Trunk ports.

IP Address and HSRP Details for the Core Switches  DHCP 1From the above scenario we have two Cisco 6513 Series Switches as a Core/ Distribution with three VLANS one for management of Switches VLAN 50,VLAN 100 for all the servers and VLAN 101 for clients. Two Cisco 3560 Series Switches as Server Farm Switches and a Cisco 3560 Series Switch as an Access Switch.There are two DHCP servers with an IP address and connected with Server Farm Switches with HP NIC teaming. We configure DHCP Snooping based on above scenario. 

The first step to configure DHCP Snooping is to turn on DHCP snooping in all Cisco Switches using the “ip dhcp snooping” command. 

All Cisco Switches (config)#ip dhcp snooping  Second step is to configure the trusted interfaces, from the above scenario all trunk ports are configured as trusted ports as well as the interfaces G0/7,(ITKESF01,  G0/17,(ITKESF02,  G0/9 ITKESF01  and G0/18 ITKESF02  connected to DHCP servers with IP and Lets configure all trunk ports in ITKEBB01 

ITKEBB01(config)#interface range  gigabitEthernet 3/21 – 23

ITKEBB01 (config-if)#ip dhcp snooping trust 

Now let’s configure all trunk ports in ITKEBB02 

ITKEBB02(config)#interface range  gigabitEthernet 3/21 – 23 ITKEBB02 (config-if)#ip dhcp snooping trust 

ITKEBB02 (config)#interface gigabitEthernet 3/16

ITKEBB02 (config-if)#ip dhcp snooping trust 

Now let’s configure the trusted ports for the DHCP servers  

ITKESF01(config)#interface gigabitEthernet 0/7

ITKESF01 (config-if)#ip dhcp snooping trust 

ITKESF01(config)#interface gigabitEthernet 0/17 ITKESF01 (config-if)#ip dhcp snooping trust 

ITKESF02(config)#interface gigabitEthernet 0/9

ITKESF02 (config-if)#ip dhcp snooping trust 

ITKESF02(config)#interface gigabitEthernet 0/18 ITKESF02 (config-if)#ip dhcp snooping trust 

Now let’s configure the trunk ports  Access Switch ITKEAS01 

ITKEAS01(config)#interface range  gigabitEthernet 0/49 – 52

ITKEAS01 (config-if)#ip dhcp snooping trust 

Finally we are going to configure VLANS for DHCP snooping DHCP snooping will used on all the VLANs (VLAN 100 & 101)except management VLAN 50 . Also we will limit the requests rate received in the Access Switch (ITKEAS01)  ALL SWITCHES(config)# ip dhcp snooping VLAN 100,101 

ITKEAS01(config)#interface range  gigabitEthernet 0/1 – 48

ITKEAS01 (config-if)#ip dhcp snooping limit rate 20

Displaying the DHCP snooping  


For further reference please do check this article from Cisco about DHCP snooping.

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  • Rajab879
    Hello All, How layer 2 switchs filter dhcp messages that work at layer 3
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  • Labnuke99
    DHCP is a broadcast protocol. So, it goes to layer 2 MAC addresses ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
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  • Belmarsad
    Hello Yasir Irfan, Thanks for all those explanation, We have exactly the same environment as you described and I want to enable DHCP snooping, but I don’t really understand why I have to enable dhcp snooping on two core switches (ITKEBB01 and ITKEBB02) and also on two SW server farm, my understanding from Cisco docs is that we have to enable dhcp snooping on the Access switches (ITKES01) and trust uplinks to core and it should works.? And also how about the binding table do you know how its built? I know that is dynamically but if client has already ip address before enabling dhcp snooping and try to renew address after dhcp snooping enabled, is the binding table is filled out with all his information’s? Thanks Belmarsad
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