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Mar 2 2009   6:30PM GMT

The SwitchVox Fix ALL

AndOrTech Jason Erickson Profile: AndOrTech

I have been waiting for the promised Silver Bullet Upgrade from SwitchVox for over a half a year now. It is supposed to come out sometime this month. Now I have been told all of my echo issues on the analog cards are due to old drivers not playing well with the new analog boards and echo cancel boards. That being said I would really like to know why they are dragging their feet on releasing the fix.

I should give you a little back story…

In July my company started selling a phone system from Digium called SwitchVox. I was very excited about this product as it had TONS of features an innovative web interface and very easy configuration. The other major plus is that almost everything was in the box ready to go. No additional licenses for IVR (auto attendant), Call groups, voicemail, etc. If Switchvox could do it, it was free with the system. (there are some add-ons from other vendors you have to get separately but these are things like voice recognition and other cool options.) SwitchVox is an awesome package for a very reasonable price. We tested it for some time and it seemed to work great in house. Ok, let’s sell it as it looks great! First install went smoothly and it all seems ok. It was a very quick install and a very happy install tech. Next day, Customer calls the echo is terrible to the point of not useable, odd. Lets run the built in echo settings tool. It seems better now. It was rinse and repeat after that as the issue kept returning. We called tech support. They were Johnny on the spot and great to work with. SwitchVox configured up a phone remotely so they could hear the issues and worked to resolve them. It was better now. A month later the issues retuned. This is getting old. Now keep in mind we have several installs out now and they all had the same issue. Strange that our in house demo unit did not have the issue. Contacted the supplier (Interlink Web) and they were the ones to tell me the ZAPTel driver in the software did not properly support the newly released analog cards. Of course that is what we sold out customer, the latest and greatest. Sigh.

Now I am still waiting as they want to get the release “just right” and support a bunch of new features. From what I hear the new features are holding up the release. Just one thing, I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT NEW FEATURES AT THIS POINT! I just want the box to work with analog lines. It appears that they are more worried a about video phones (cool) working then making the existing systems function. Now that we are near the end and the release is near I was able to hold on to most the customers and keep them on SwitchVox. Now reach install is different. One is on a SIP trunk so they do not use the analog lines and is ecstatic about the system another other wants the echo problem to just get fixed.

Don’t get me wrong I like SwitchVox a lot and will continue to recommend them once they fix the analog issue. As far as features, options, and configuration goes it is a great solution. They just need to work on problem resolution over the latest new feature.

Just the latest rant.


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    Jason, We had a customer with the same issue, rather than forklift out his Switchvox we just re-configured his device to SIP trunk to our device as the gateway since we have an ASIC based echo canceller and the problem went away. We offer both PCI and appliance versions: V-114 PCI G-124 Richard Positron Telecom
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  • AndOrTech
    To see switchvox products go to They are a subset of products on the Digium line ( They offer a full line of PBX telephony products. As an update: The system in question actually had the pairs scrambled by a bad surge protection unit. The fact it worked (sort of) at all was amazing.
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