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Feb 19 2009   9:25PM GMT

The Journey begins…

AndOrTech Jason Erickson Profile: AndOrTech

Let’s take a digital walk, shall we? There will be many different things to see and learn. I will be your eccentric guide. My name is Jason, and as I seem to know what I am doing at times that puts me in charge, Well, at least until they can find someone better and cheaper (I know you’re out there.) to replace me. I will wander around the networking issues of my day, but, do not be surprised if we stumble across Server, VOIP, and other miscellaneous solutions on the way. So get your traveling and thinking caps screwed on tight and let’s head out into the digital universe. I almost forgot, as we are on a trip, in the words of Douglas Adams, Don’t Panic!, and don’t forget your towel.

Well I fought this for a while but decided to was time to get my thoughts down and spread them out to humanity, whoever that is. I see many of the other bloggers spend their first blog writing about themselves. So here goes. I am awesome, with a strong chance of strange. That’s about all there is to say on that. Now, seeing as this is a networking technical blog I will have to sooner or later begin using words like router, pipe, and bandwidth. Until then I think this will be a fairly informal blog until I hit the next few paragraphs. So, are you still with me and not lost yet?

Ok, here is the tech stuff. Oddly enough most of what I do is network related. This just happened to start on a point where I was not fixing or installing a network and was pulled (kicking and screaming) into an exchange issue. So as odd as this may be the first BLOG on a networking BLOG is about exchange. Don’t worry the next one will be about HP wireless solutions.

I was called to a customer who was not able to send or receive mail. Now this may not seem strange at first, but, all of the outlook clients and OWA were connecting and appeared to be working. The difference was when you sent mail it went into Drafts on OWA and Outbox in Outlook. Quickly I called in for backup and my exchange SWAT team consisted of two coworkers. Both were masters at their trade they worked, feverishly poking and prodding the system until the decided that Yep, it was broke. The queue seemed to be dead in the water. So, I summoned up the courage to call our friends at Microsoft. With a bit of work we got over the language barrier and had him walk another co-worker and myself though some steps. After sacrificing at the altar of tech support pain, here is what was done to fix the silly thing. Shut down transport services and delete the queue folder. Restart transport services and allow it to rebuild the folder. After taking a moment to make sure our net admin user has full access, it took off like a rocket. Mail was once again flowing on the customer’s network. (I bet you thought I forgot about the networking part didn’t you.) We watched it for a while. Got bored dubbed it fixed and announced to the customer “We fixed it!” To which they quickly replied “Why did this happen?” At which time I confidently looked the customer in the eye and said “I don’t know”. Oddly enough this did not seem to faze or even bother the customer. I guess they just trust us to keep it going. Good customers are like that.

So, here we are at the end of a long first entry on “networking”. I sure learned a lot. I don’t know if you did, but as this is my BLOG, I suppose it is all about me. Well that’s it until next time. See you then.


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  • dspilka
    Welcome. Looking forward to reading.
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  • Roger Crawford
    One thing to add to this by the way is you will also see this Exchange behavior if the drive space that the Hub Transport resides on falls under 5 Gigs. The Hub Transport requires at least of 5 Gigs of free space to function. Welcome to the Blog side
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