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March, 2009


March 26, 2009  8:26 PM


AndOrTech Jason Erickson Profile: AndOrTech

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March 26, 2009  7:29 PM

Microsoft Response Point on D-LINK out of the box to a test install.

AndOrTech Jason Erickson Profile: AndOrTech

In the continuing march to make VOIP inexpensive enough for any small business, D-Link released a Microsoft Response Point phone system. I have dealt with an early release Response Point from Syspine. It was neat and well suited to a small company that needed a basic phone system. What let me down...

March 9, 2009  2:44 PM

HP Switches and Valcom IP Page

AndOrTech Jason Erickson Profile: AndOrTech

 Sorry for the break in writing, I have been doing grunt work lately as I have been wiring up a Valcom page system that integrates Via SIP to my SwitchVox phone system.  It has gone great with the exception of white...

March 9, 2009  2:33 PM


AndOrTech Jason Erickson Profile: AndOrTech

This is another example of integration betwwn older analog tech and the digital world. Digital clocks for POE network the Valcom IP Clock. Simply add a clock to any location on the network via RJ-45 connection. Power to the clock is provided by Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) which eliminates the...

March 2, 2009  6:30 PM

The SwitchVox Fix ALL

AndOrTech Jason Erickson Profile: AndOrTech

I have been waiting for the promised Silver Bullet Upgrade from SwitchVox for over a half a year now. It is supposed to come out sometime this month. Now I have been told all of my echo issues on the analog cards are due to old drivers not...


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