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Feb 27 2009   6:07PM GMT

Small script to get “Disks Configuration” from remote computer / server

Michael Khanin Michael Khanin Profile: Michael Khanin

This small scripts allows to get information from remote computer / server. All data will  be saved in XML format. Create a .bat file and put into in the following context:

@Echo off

Rem .
Rem . –
Rem .

@Echo Please wait….

SET RCOMP= “Put here IP or Name of remote computer / server”


NET USE \\%RCOMP%\ipc$ /user:%DM%\%USR% %PASS%  > NUL 2>&1

REM ………. Checking OS Version ……….
For /F “Tokens=1,2,3* Delims= ” %%a in (‘@REG QUERY “\\%RCOMP%\HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion” /v ProductName^| find /i “ProductName”‘) Do SET OSVER=%%d
IF “%OSVER%” == “Windows 2000” @Echo %OSVER% &goto :EOF

@echo ^<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”ISO-8859-1″?^> > %STOREPATH%\%RCOMP%_CompInfo.xml
@echo ^<Report^>^<Lang^>en^</Lang^> >> %STOREPATH%\%RCOMP%_CompInfo.xml
@echo ^<Title^>Report of %RCOMP%^</Title^> >> %STOREPATH%\%RCOMP%_CompInfo.xml

REM ………. Disks Configuration ……….
@echo ^<Group^>^<Title^>Disks Configuration^</Title^>  >> %STOREPATH%\%RCOMP%_CompInfo.xml
For /F “Tokens=1-5 Delims=,” %%a in (‘”@WMIC /node:%RCOMP% /user:”%DM%\%USR%” /password:%PASS% DISKDRIVE get Model, InterfaceType, Partitions, MediaType /format:csv.xsl | find /i “1””‘) Do @echo ^<Item^>^<Model^>%%d^</Model^>^<InterfaceType^>%%b^</InterfaceType^>^<MediaType^>%%c^</MediaType^>^<Parts^>%%e^</Parts^>^</Item^> >> %STOREPATH%\%RCOMP%_CompInfo.xml
@echo ^</Group^> >> %STOREPATH%\%RCOMP%_CompInfo.xml
REM ………. Disks Configuration ……….

@echo ^</Report^> >> %STOREPATH%\%RCOMP%_CompInfo.xml

Note: Remember to set IP or Name of remote computer / server

That it!

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