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Oct 28 2008   6:47PM GMT

Detect HALs under WinPE (Vista) by running Batch Script

Michael Khanin Michael Khanin Profile: Michael Khanin

It’s a lot of posts that explained how to detect HAL. Almost all of those solutions done in VB script. As well I’ve seen a lot of post about “problems’ running VB script under WinPE. So, one day I tried to create a batch file, that allows to detect a HAL under WinPE. I did all my tests under VistaPE 12 (I’ve used the VistaPE v.12 RC1).

Here is content of HAL_Detector.bat script:


@echo off
REM . – Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC:  ACPIPIC_UP
REM . – ACPI Uniprocessor PC:                                                 ACPIAPIC_UP
REM . – ACPI Multiprocessor PC:                                               ACPIAPIC_MP
REM . Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC
REM . – halacpi.dll (renamed to hal.dll)
REM . – ntkrnlpa.exe
REM . – ntoskrnl.exe
REM . ACPI Uniprocessor PC
REM . – halaacpi.dll (renamed to hal.dll)
REM . – ntkrnlpa.exe
REM . – ntoskrnl.exe
REM . ACPI Multiprocessor PC
REM . – halmacpi.dll (renamed to hal.dll)
REM . – ntkrpamp.exe (renamed to ntkrnlpa.exe)
REM . – ntkrnlmp.exe (renamed to ntoskrnl.exe)
REM ……………….. Explanation About Diferent HAL Versions ………………… ……..

SET NumberOfLogicalProcessors=

For /F “Tokens=3 Delims= ” %%a in (‘REG QUERY HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\Root\ACPI_HAL000 /v HardwareID’) DO Set PC-HAL=%%a

IF %PC-HAL% == acpipic Set New-HAL=ACPI_Uniprocessor_PC
IF %PC-HAL% == acpiapic (
For /F %%a in (‘@WMIC COMPUTERSYSTEM GET NumberOfLogicalProcessors /value^|find “NumberOfLogicalProcessors”‘) do Set %%a

IF %NumberOfLogicalProcessors% ==  Set New-HAL=HAL_NOT_DETECTED
IF %NumberOfLogicalProcessors% == 1 Set New-HAL=ACPI_Uniprocessor_PC
IF %NumberOfLogicalProcessors% == 2 Set New-HAL=ACPI_Multiprocessor_PC
IF %NumberOfLogicalProcessors% == 4 Set New-HAL=ACPI_Multiprocessor_PC

@echo Detected HAL: %New-HAL%
@echo Number of Logical Processors: %NumberOfLogicalProcessors%


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