Modern Network Architecture

August 17, 2011  4:51 PM

On Modern Network Architecture

James Murray James Murray Profile: James Murray

Since the 1950’s there have been constant and dramatic changes in the way computers and computer networks have been conceived and implemented. We’ve come a long way from the idea that a network is limited to a dumb terminal physically connected to a mainframe. Now we see devices as diverse as air conditioning units, refrigerators and cell phones all connected to “The Network.” Over the last 18 years the term network has been redefined as networks continue to become more and more complex. The modern network and modern network problems look nothing like what we saw just a few years ago. This blog celebrates the diversity of modern network infrastructure and its new challenges. It also celebrates the diversity of the people that work on those networks and the problems, whether technical or political, they run into supporting them.

So who designs today’s modern network infrastructure? Continued »

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