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September 13, 2017  5:38 PM

Face ID and Apple Watch 3 enterprise issues to start thinking about

Colin Steele Colin Steele Profile: Colin Steele
Apple, Apple Watch, iPhone, Mobile security, smartphone

Once you got past the fawning over Steve Jobs and the comical rebranding of retail stores, yesterday's Apple Event had some news with important IT implications. Apple unveiled the Apple Watch 3, its first smartwatch with LTE connectivity. And the new iPhone X -- the

May 22, 2017  4:41 PM

Google plays a strong hand with new Android security features

Alyssa Provazza Alyssa Provazza Profile: Alyssa Provazza
Android, Apple, Apple iOS, Google, IOS, Mobile security, Ransomware

Google last week announced Android security features that continue to heighten the company's enterprise mobility game. Enterprise security features from the big mobile operating systems, Google Android and Apple iOS, have been a hot topic for years. Now, with

March 2, 2017  1:32 PM

Apple iOS 10.3 beta gets pushy with iCloud two-factor authentication

Ramin Edmond Profile: Ramin Edmond
Apple, Authentication, IOS, Mobile security

Apple strives to make its devices more secure for the enterprise, but its latest effort leaves things completely up to users. Users of the Apple iOS 10.3 beta are receiving push notifications asking them to...

January 27, 2017  5:36 PM

Trump’s Android takes BYOD to the White House

Ramin Edmond Profile: Ramin Edmond
Android, Android security, Enterprise mobility, Mobile security

President Donald Trump is causing quite the stir at the White House as he continues to use his personal smartphone for some purposes. Trump still uses his "old, unsecured Android phone, to the protests of some of his aides,"

November 21, 2016  3:39 AM

Mobile security is top priority for 2017

Eddie Lockhart Eddie Lockhart Profile: Eddie Lockhart
"New Year", Android, Apple, BlackBerry, iPhone, Microsoft, Microsoft Surface, Mobile security

With the rise of multifactor authentication and updates to Apple iOS security, there is a lot to look forward to next year. Four experts gaze into the enterprise mobility crystal ball. Patrick Moorhead President and principal analyst, Moor Insights and Strategy What...

August 8, 2016  3:46 PM

‘Shrek’ holds the key to your mobile security fairy tale

Eddie Lockhart Eddie Lockhart Profile: Eddie Lockhart
Biometrics, Enterprise mobility, Mobile data, Mobile data security, Mobile security

With Comcast's acquisition of DreamWorks Animation in April, "Shrek" fans could see the fairy tale-esque story revived with more movies in the coming years, according to Forbes. In the original film, the titular character tells his sidekick Donkey that there is more to ogres...

April 13, 2016  7:26 PM

Top 5 mobile security deal breakers

Eddie Lockhart Eddie Lockhart Profile: Eddie Lockhart
Apple iOS, google android, malware, mobile app security, Mobile security, Passwords

In the TV show 30 Rock, comedy writer Liz Lemon writes a sketch that spawns the catchphrase, "That's a deal breaker, ladies!" The phrase refers to anything a partner might do that could automatically end a relationship. For example,...

January 18, 2016  4:49 PM

Confidential data is harder to secure in the mobile era

Carl Setterlund Carl Setterlund Profile: Carl Setterlund
mobile device management, Mobile security, regulatory compliance

For all the benefits of supporting mobility in the enterprise, it has also introduced one of the biggest challenges for IT pros today: safeguarding the flow of confidential data on employees' smartphones and tablets. Government agencies, healthcare facilities and law firms are just a few...

September 10, 2015  5:27 PM

IT gets schooled on Apple devices

Eddie Lockhart Eddie Lockhart Profile: Eddie Lockhart
Apple, ipad, iPhone, Mobile security, Surveys

Back-to-school season has me thinking about a common question kids face: What do you want to be when you grow up? Let’s go back in time to 2007 and imagine Apple’s iPhone on its first day of school, hopping off the bus with a backpack full of apps and heading to class. How would the now almost...

July 13, 2015  7:00 AM

Goodbye SearchConsumerization, hello SearchMobileComputing

Colin Steele Colin Steele Profile: Colin Steele
BYOD, Cloud file-sharing, Compliance, Consumerization of IT, Enterprise mobility, Mobile Computing, Mobile security

Back in 2011, BYOD and the consumerization of IT were among the hottest trends in the tech industry. Employees used their own smartphones and tablets for work and set up personal cloud storage accounts to sync and share corporate documents. IT pros started freaking out about the security and...

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