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April, 2012

April 30, 2012  10:46 AM

Microsoft Could Be Trying to Buy Its Way Into Consumer Tablet Market

Ron Miller Ron Miller Profile: Ron Miller

Last week comScore released its Android tablet market share scorecard and Kindle Fire was at the top of the heap, surging in just three months to take more than half...

April 27, 2012  7:41 AM

Salesforce hires Kundra and builds social government cloud

Ron Miller Ron Miller Profile: Ron Miller

You have to give credit to those folks at They're always thinking ahead and their latest moves involve hiring former US CIO Vivek Kundra back in January and endowing him with the title of...

April 20, 2012  9:55 AM

Greenpeace Gives Apple’s iCloud Data Center Low Grades, But is it Fair?

Ron Miller Ron Miller Profile: Ron Miller

This week Greenpeace came out with a report highly critical of  the energy requirements of Apple's Maiden, North Carolina data center. The report claimed that Apple was generating most of its energy from a coal-generated plant run by near-by Duke Energy. [caption...

April 18, 2012  4:01 PM

Lumia 900 Didn’t Get Special Treatment at my AT&T Store

Ron Miller Ron Miller Profile: Ron Miller

As I wrote in a post last month, AT&T was purportedly going all out with the Nokia Lumia 900 phone, but when I went shopping for a cell phone...

April 12, 2012  12:27 PM

Google’s Folly: Selling its own devices…again

Ron Miller Ron Miller Profile: Ron Miller

It's been said those who have not learned from history are doomed to repeat it. Perhaps that explains why Google -- which failed spectacularly at selling Google branded phones online -- has now decided...wait for sell Google branded tablets online. Clearly it worked so well for them the...

April 11, 2012  10:49 AM

HP Takes a Plunge into Cloud Services

Ron Miller Ron Miller Profile: Ron Miller

[caption id="attachment_1127" align="alignright" width="350" caption="With an eye to the future, HP took a plunge into cloud services this week, while hoping to leave its CEO disarray in the past."]

April 6, 2012  9:15 AM

Cloud Brokers Emerge to Help Buy Cloud Services, But Why?

Ron Miller Ron Miller Profile: Ron Miller

[caption id="attachment_1120" align="alignleft" width="345" caption="Cloud Brokers are the latest thing in Cloud Services, but do you really need a third party service to help make this decision?"]

April 3, 2012  11:06 AM

Nokia Can’t Win Fighting iPhone

Ron Miller Ron Miller Profile: Ron Miller

[caption id="attachment_1116" align="alignright" width="298" caption="Nokia is taking the wrong tack by attacking iPhone, whose users are among the most satisfied in the business."] 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

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