Microservices Matters:

Software testing

June 28, 2016  3:28 PM

QCon New York Sessions – Fault injection with Microsoft

Fred Churchville Fred Churchville Profile: Fred Churchville
Fault isolation, Software testing

When it comes to testing software, many of today's organizations rely heavily on comprehensive testing, especially unit testing, to minimize the risk of outages. But in this session, Michalis Zervos of Microsoft talked to...

May 15, 2015  12:47 AM

Developing apps for space scientists calls for automation

Jan Stafford Jan Stafford Profile: Jan Stafford
app technical features, Application development, Cloud-Based Services, Data access, Data analysis, Data Analytics, Data management and storage, Software testing

A photograph from a Mars Rover may be breathtaking, but it will not deliver the complex data space scientists seek. Scientists like Washington University-St. Louis computer systems manager Thomas Stein need broader sets of data in formats that work with modern data analysis software. Stein helped...

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