Microservices Matters:

July 20, 2010  3:22 PM

Views from the application integration trenches

Alan Earls Profile: Alan Earls

When inside meets outside, obstacles are always in store. Randy Carey, a former director of information strategies for the Women’s Foodservice Forum, an advocacy organization, points to challenges integrating external services, such as an intelligent email management service, with the internal...

March 24, 2010  5:16 PM

Will ‘cloud’ mark JVM ascent over Java (the language)?

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

Some have projected Java to be a likely language of the cloud. The thing is, within the Java community, there seems to be a vocal group that sees the Java Virtual Machine – rather than the Java language -  as the main contributor to future cloud architecture.

March 19, 2010  8:18 PM

Java is as strong as its community process: Interview with Reza Rahman

RobBarry Rob Barry Profile: RobBarry

By Jan Stafford LAS VEGAS - Java developers and thought leaders shared ideas about the future of Java at TheServerSide Java Symposium 2010 this week. Java’s success in the future relies on community involvement in creating future Java versions and features via the Java Community Process (JCP),...

March 19, 2010  7:13 PM

Java Symposium keynote video – Red Hat’s Bob McWhirter on cloud in application delivery

RobBarry Rob Barry Profile: RobBarry

Red Hat's chief architect of cloud computing, Bob McWhirter said the cloud is the next logical step for application delivery in his keynote on cloud computing at TheServerSide Java Symposium. Arguing about what applications are "cloud worthy" misses the point, he said. "Ultimately the cloud is a...

March 19, 2010  7:03 PM

Java Symposium keynote video – Oracle’s David Shaffer on the SOA and the layers of the cloud

RobBarry Rob Barry Profile: RobBarry

At TheServerSide Java symposium this year, excitement about hooking SOA into cloud computing abounds. In his keynote, "Application Grids and SOA," Oracle VP of product management David Shaffer talked about the three major sub-components of cloud computing. Infrastructure as a Service, comprising...

March 18, 2010  9:00 PM

TSSJS 2010: Why resource-oriented ESBs can save SOA projects

Mike Pontacoloni Profile: Mpontacoloni

by SearchSOA staff Have any of your SOA projects failed to meet requirements and expectations? You’re not alone, but the good news is that the resource-oriented architecture (ROA) and enterprise service bus (ESB) technologies can put your SOA projects on the right track. In a session at...

March 17, 2010  6:38 PM

“Father of Java” James Gosling on Oracle-Sun

Mike Pontacoloni Profile: Mpontacoloni

James Gosling discusses the impact of the Oracle-Sun acquistion at 2010 TheServerSide Java Symposium in Las Vegas.

March 9, 2010  3:32 PM

Software AG builds “social BPM platform” out of IDS Scheer purchase

RobBarry Rob Barry Profile: RobBarry

Enterprise IT vendors sure have been busy trying to make their products more "social" lately. At the CeBIT conference in Germany last week, Software AG released the beta version of what it is calling a "social

February 8, 2010  10:17 PM

Quick bits: Jonathon Schwartz’s goodbye tweet – Oracle buys AmberPoint

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

Last week, in the wake of the Oracle-Sun merger, Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz left. He tweeted on the way. This week Oracle was back buying, grabbing SOA governance software maker AmberPoint. Such software is useful as middleware moves deeper into the corporation. Here are a few quick bits ...

September 16, 2009  8:34 PM

Yahoo’s Heilmann talks standards and API connectedness at The Ajax Experience

RobBarry Rob Barry Profile: RobBarry

Yahoo Technical Evangelist Christian Heilmann gave a talk at The Ajax Experience 2009 conference on using and offering data on the Web. He spent a good deal of the time plugging the

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