Microservices Matters:

September 18, 2015  2:31 PM

Developers say: “Give us more documentation!”

Fred Churchville Fred Churchville Profile: Fred Churchville

  Remember when you were young, and your parents demanded that you leave a note if you left the house? Well, now today's developers and your parents have more in common than ever. What do developers want more than anything? According to the

June 10, 2015  4:09 PM

Data transfer latency: Tackling problems related to “people systems”

Fred Churchville Fred Churchville Profile: Fred Churchville

Last week, the creators of Alpha Anywhere hosted a user meetup to talk about mobile application development – specifically, tablet applications for use in the field and workplace....

September 25, 2013  8:45 PM

JavaOne 2013: Azul System’s debuts OpenJDK-based Zulu for Windows Azure

SearchSOA.com SearchSOA.com Profile: SearchSOA.com

Azul Systems and Microsoft Open Technologies announced Wednesday at JavaOne its Java Development Kit (OpenJDK)-based Zulu for Windows Azure. The community-driven open source Java...

August 22, 2013  7:41 PM

Software AG buys JackBe, launches webMethods Intelligent Business Operations Platform

SearchSOA.com SearchSOA.com Profile: SearchSOA.com

Global business infrastructure provider Software AG announced its acquisition of JackBe on Thursday, along with the release of its webMethods Intelligent Business Operations Platform (IBO). In a statement, Software AG said JackBe will serve as the foundation of webMethods IBO, which was...

July 18, 2013  1:19 PM

Is now the time for enterprise mobile application development?

SearchSOA.com SearchSOA.com Profile: SearchSOA.com

Are enterprises jumping on the mobile application bandwagon? The answer may depend on who you ask. StackMob’s CEO Ty Amell says yes. So much so his company 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

July 12, 2013  5:41 PM

Limelight is now on enterprise mobile application development

SearchSOA.com SearchSOA.com Profile: SearchSOA.com

Enterprise mobile applications are stepping into the spotlight, seriously catching the eyes of clients looking to gain more insight into their consumers, according to StackMob, a cloud-based backend for mobile applications. "We've seen a drastic upset over the last few months in terms of...

June 12, 2013  7:32 PM

How database legacy modernization is like peeling an onion

SearchSOA.com SearchSOA.com Profile: SearchSOA.com

Migration efforts can seem daunting, but upgrading legacy databases isn't an impossible task. During the "Mainframe and Database Legacy Modernization" session at Red Hat Summit 2013 in Boston, Red Hat services delivery manager Emily Brand likened the process to peeling an onion. "Every layer you...

April 12, 2013  6:28 PM

MBaaS cements place in the Tech Revolution

SearchSOA.com SearchSOA.com Profile: SearchSOA.com

Enterprise demand for Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) has been gaining traction, according to StackMob, a back-end technology stack for mobile applications. BaaS

March 29, 2013  7:05 PM

Not everything can be a DIY hit, even when it comes to OSGi

SearchSOA.com SearchSOA.com Profile: SearchSOA.com

Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. That was a key takeaway from Zuhlke Engineering's Tim Ward's EclipseCon 2013 session March 28 in Boston on Enterprise OSGi. Do It...

March 27, 2013  7:36 PM

Modularizing legacy Java apps: Don’t reinvent the wheel

SearchSOA.com SearchSOA.com Profile: SearchSOA.com

For enterprise architects, taking an "out with the old, in with the new" mentality can be tempting when modularizing large legacy Java applications, but that could be a mistake. That's according to Vineet Sinha of Cambridge, Mass. –based 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

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