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July, 2016

July 29, 2016  8:24 PM

What can we expect from AnDevCon Boston 2016?

Fred Churchville Fred Churchville Profile: Fred Churchville
Android, Android mobile, Mobile Application Development

What will I learn? Will it be fun? Should I leave my iPhone at home? These are the things we want to know about AnDevCon Boston 2016. So we spoke with Katie Flash, director of conference programs at BZ Media (the coordinators of the conference) about what this year's AnDevCon will be...

July 27, 2016  4:01 PM

At the intersection of Legos, Agile and SOA

Valerie Silverthorne Profile: Valerie Silverthorne

So your Agile teams aren't working as efficiently as you'd like. Maybe you have specialists spread too thinly through your teams, or your product is just to big and broad for a traditional organization. It's SOA and Legos to the rescue -- really. At an Agile 2016 seminar in Atlanta this week,...

July 22, 2016  4:41 PM

Can enterprise app developers learn from Pokémon Go?

Fred Churchville Fred Churchville Profile: Fred Churchville
Mobile Application Development, Mobile applications

If Pokémon Go was the bubonic plague, we'd all be dead. Even if you're not playing yourself, you're probably in a room with someone who does. At the time that this post is being written, current estimates float somewhere around

July 14, 2016  10:35 PM

Is digital transformation software making people sad?

Fred Churchville Fred Churchville Profile: Fred Churchville
Enterprise architecture

A survey conducted by the software company BiZZdesign and The Open Group has revealed that while businesses are eager to jump into a "digital transformation," they may not necessarily be happy with the software support available to make that transition happen. It also found that business culture is...

July 7, 2016  8:39 PM

They want to adopt DevOps, but does anyone actually know what it is?

Fred Churchville Fred Churchville Profile: Fred Churchville
DevOps, DevOps - testing / continuous delivery

A look at tech's most popular identity crisis

It seems that the term "DevOps" suffers by straying from one of its own guiding principles: an established,

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