Microservices Matters:

May, 2012

May 31, 2012  4:06 PM

The changing state of APIs

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

At work today is a new breed of API. It relies on SOA, but has a new twist. The open or Web API movement has a capacity to dramatically change the status quo,

May 24, 2012  3:32 PM

Gartner: Only business-driven EA will deliver value

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

According to Gartner, a host of factors—ranging from cloud and social to big data and mobile technologies—are altering the EA landscape. As a result of those changes, enterprise architects may have more opportunity to deliver business value from EA than ever before. Analysts expanded on the...

May 21, 2012  9:02 PM

Middleware applications on display at FuseSource CamelOne

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

Middleware integration developers seldom get accolades. Neither do plumbers. After all, you don’t think about the plumbing until it breaks. The same goes for middleware technology.  Integration middleware doesn’t get respect, because it is buried so deeply below the surface of its end use...

May 14, 2012  8:42 PM

Integration appliances: Impact 2012 Reporter’s Notebook

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

While the enterprise software business remains a good one, integration hardware appliances continue to grab headlines. With Oracle’s Exalogic and, now,

May 7, 2012  4:17 PM

Service virtualization tool adds REST support: Symptoms of SOA

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

Agile development and composite applications are a hallmark of SOA these days, but they are not without their difficulties. The push to rapidly deploy composite apps complicates the life of the QA team, whose members must now create test beds to work with a mishmash of services. Some of these...

May 2, 2012  2:48 AM

IBM Impact 2012: Is this the age of SOA 3.0?

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

SOA has been used for application transformation for several years - now SOA itself is undergoing a transformation. At IBM Impact 2012, IBM Application and Integration Middleware General Manager Marie Wieck went so far as to dub the transformation “SOA 3.0.” She was not alone among IBM leaders...

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