Microservices Matters:

February, 2009

February 24, 2009  3:04 PM

OSGi and future directions for Enterprise Java

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

By Eric Newcomer Whether the Java Community Process has completely lost its way or not, it is increasingly influenced by external activities. The Spring Framework and Hibernate influences on EJB3 and JPA are good examples. Another influence being increasingly felt is the growing adoption of the...

February 20, 2009  5:58 PM

As with SOA, some development costs obscured by cloud computing

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

By George Lawton
Cloud computing offers an extremely appealing future for enterprise IT: the ability to leverage ready services with lower initial investment and a pay-as-you-need pricing model. But it will be filled with surprises, and some of these will reflect surprises encountered in...

February 18, 2009  4:47 PM

Another take on OSGi

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

Last week, WSO2 released an update tailored around OSGi to its SOA framework. Rob Hailstone, analyst, The Butler Group told us that he rated the WS02 implementation favorably, because it ''does seem to have...

February 16, 2009  5:05 PM

Moonlight and RIA client-server protocols: drop the SOAP, you are under a REST

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

By Yuval Shavit, Associate Editor, SearchWinDevelopment.com With the release of Moonlight 1.0 last week, I had the opportunity to speak with Novell’s Miguel de Icaza about OS interoperability...

February 16, 2009  4:43 PM

OSGi: A component standard that bears watching

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

One of the old jokes about standards was a slight variation on the joke about New England weather [“If you don’t like it, wait a while, it will change.”]

If you don’t like a particular standard, wait a while, there will be another one coming along. Sometimes this is a game...

February 10, 2009  8:20 PM

Light-weight, open-source themes discussed at Sun GlassFish Portfolio debut

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

By Jack Vaughan Sun Microsystems is attempting to move deeper into the world of open source software with its Sun GlassFish Portfolio. Now included are a light-weight LAMP-style stack (which itself includes Tomcat, Memcached, Squid and Lighttpd with support for PHP, Ruby and Java) a Sun GlassFish...

February 4, 2009  10:18 PM

Xtensible Business Reporting Language reporting for services

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

XML tool maker Altova has a new ‘MissionKit’ for 2009. Besides native DB support for SQL Server 2008, Oracle 11g and PostgreSQL 8, it adds support for XBRL, an XML-based markup language for electronic transmission of business information....

February 2, 2009  5:53 PM

It’s time for TOGAF 9

Brein Matturro Profile: Brein Matturro

By Jack Vaughan

The Open Group, meeting in San Diego this week, has updated the TOGAF architecture framework. A lot of the work on TOGAF 9 was around not just what architecture should have, but how to make it work, says Judith Jones, CEO of Architecting the Enterprise. Another key...

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