Microservices Matters:

January, 2009

January 30, 2009  6:24 PM

Fricke on BPM and rules engine roles in an economic downturn

Brein Matturro Profile: Brein Matturro

By Jack Vaughan, Editor-in-Chief

The global credit crunch is still just a few months old – the data says the U.S. economy has been in recession for about a year. Disheartening news of job losses are daily fare. Until recent bad reports from Intel and AMD, the technology sector’s...

January 27, 2009  10:04 AM

Cooking with APIs – Software AG SOA Link Cookbook out

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

Software AG has released an enhanced SOALink Cookbook, consisting of “recipes” that can be used for integration. In the spirit of the age of services, SOALink publishes APIs and info on extension points available in CentraSite ActiveSOA.

January 22, 2009  11:02 PM

SOA Software Portfolio Manager builds on Logic Library purchase

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

SOA Software earlier this month entered the world of SOA Governance planning with SOA Software’s Portfolio Manager. The objective is to help companies plan and prioritize services creation.

January 13, 2009  12:41 PM

Jeff Papows in at SOA governance house WebLayers

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

Industry veteran Jeff Papows will take the helm at WebLayers, the Cambridge, Mass.-based maker of SOA governance policy enforcement and automation software.The move comes at the same time the company announces it has secured a new $3-million round of equity funding from Ascent Venture Partners,...

January 12, 2009  11:00 PM

New AmberPoint suite links to WCF and Dublin

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

Last month Microsoft re-confirmed aspects of its BizTalk server roadmap, which includes a specialized Windows ‘SOA’ server known as ‘Dublin.’ Included in the announcement was word of ESB and...

January 7, 2009  9:39 PM

Capt’s log: IBM closes deal to purchase optimization house iLog

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

IBM has closed the deal to purchase established logistics and optimization software vendor iLog. The purchase, at a price now estimated at $340 million, was originally announced last July. iLog will become a part of IBM’s WebSphere operation. Over the years, Ilog fashioned a unique potpourri of...

January 6, 2009  3:40 PM

I unit test, therefore I am

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

Unit testing is one of the essential elements that arose along with the agile design movement. Any self respecting developer now does unit tests, or at least the developer tells the architect that unit tests were done. Clearly, signing a manifesto does not mean a developer knows how to do unit...

January 6, 2009  2:18 PM

If one SOA succeeds is SOA still dead? What if it succeeds and fails?

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

With all the blog enabled scuttlebutt ‘failed SOA,’ it is interesting to look at a SOA success story, albeit one that failed. Read on, Grasshopper!

January 5, 2009  3:58 PM

Web services to turn on televisions

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

Word out of this year’s Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas is that Yahoo will be making a Widget Development Kit (WDK) available to developers on a limited basis. The kit helps developers create JavaScript- and XML-based applications that run on top...

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