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March, 2012

March 31, 2012  5:59 PM

Who’s getting the message

mspprophet Darren James Profile: mspprophet

In your message monitoring system, you will generally be sending out alerts to mobile device users via text messaging when an error occurs. As mentioned above, it's easy to send out a text message through email software, and the assumption here is that all your on-call resources are reachable...

March 28, 2012  4:43 PM

Surveying the Damage

mspprophet Darren James Profile: mspprophet

We want to know, but we don’t want to know. It’s hard to hear criticism. I mean, who do they think they, are criticizing our hard work. I was so scared of reading our first survey I think I walked about an hour to relax before I sat down to absorb the “state of the union”. This goes in...

March 27, 2012  10:52 AM

How to have an Amazing Business

mspprophet Darren James Profile: mspprophet

It wasn’t until my fourth year that I stumbled upon the formula. I said stumbled, because for the longest time I thought I would find success in the technology I offered. I got into this business because I believed in the power that technology could transform business as we know it. But,...

March 26, 2012  11:07 AM

How to break up with your clients

mspprophet Darren James Profile: mspprophet

So you’re the top guy. Everyone is starting to come to you for technology advice and solutions. Seems there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. The truth is there isn’t, and if you’re going to grow, you must learn to move out of the puppy love into more mature...

March 23, 2012  2:05 PM

Growing your MSP, people wise

mspprophet Darren James Profile: mspprophet

Most of us have the technology part down pretty good. What can cause problems is when we hire people to help us. As we grow our business, learning how to manage and put people to task, is a learned skill and the first step, is knowing how we spend our week. Write down what you do on a daily...

March 21, 2012  7:01 PM

A product worth mention

mspprophet Darren James Profile: mspprophet

Normally you have the same things packaged by different companies. I can heat my home with media packages from product manufacturers. This one stood out to me because of what it means to ALL possible clients. Iosafe sells fireproof and waterproof

March 20, 2012  7:23 PM

The one job you can’t delegate

mspprophet Darren James Profile: mspprophet

This realization only comes with experience. I spent many hours building business processes to automate a successful marketing strategy. Still, I spent half of my time focused on it. Now the benefit of automating is that things didn’t fall apart if I had something else to work on. Marketing...

March 18, 2012  1:55 PM

5 important qualities in an MSP

mspprophet Darren James Profile: mspprophet

Whether you are a systems integrator with many years in projects, or the local computer guy serving home and small businesses, there are certain qualities that are needed to be successful in managed services. The business model is one where you take full accountability for the operation and control...

March 16, 2012  1:06 PM

Here we go again!

mspprophet Darren James Profile: mspprophet

Haven’t we already been down this road? The late 90’s saw a spurt of; “We’re going to eliminate the pc and move to more centralized design and management” “It will save us trillions!!” “Thin Clients are the future” and then, nothing happened. Concerns about connectivity and...

March 15, 2012  3:56 PM

From Break/Fix to Managed Services

mspprophet Darren James Profile: mspprophet

I’m not sure I can cover this in one entry, but I don’t want to bore you guru’s who stop by to read me, so I will just skirt the issue and make it interesting. I learned the value of monthly billable from my previous life as owner of an environmental company. We were doing gas station...

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