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Oct 17 2008   2:19AM GMT

Virus shuts down sales of ASUS eee PC’s in Japan

John Little Profile: Xjlittle

The virus known as recycled.exe was put on the D: drive at the factory. When the user booted the ASUS eee PC the first time the virus copied itself to the C: drive. According to ASUSTEK there were 4500 of the eee PCs made for Japan and only about 300 sold.

Now for me this begs the question…did this ever happen with all of the eee PCs sold and shipped with Linux? While I don’t officially know the answer my guess is that it did not.

That then brings myself and all Linux users to the next question…why do manufacturers insist on putting Windows on their machines rather than Linux? Market share or translated it’s what everybody has.

So let’s discuss the vaidity “everybody has it” and see if we can get some of you users to switch to desktop Linux. Yes I know all of the usual answers of why you don’t want to. It won’t do what I want it do. It doesn’t have software that allows me to do thus and such. I may have to use the command line. yadayadayada.

What exactly does it not do that you want it to do? It edits photos, plays music, plays DVDs, browses the internet and…wait for it…will even send and receive email. If you are a regular desktop user the chances that you are going to have to use the command line are about as great as the chances are that you will need to edit the Windows registry. In fact I would say that you would have to edit the registry before you would ever need to use the command line.

If you are a little more aggressive with the use of your desktop you already edit the registry. I can assure you that using the command line is much easier than editing the registry. Think about the fact that a lot of the configurations of any application that you run on Windows resides in the registry. Compare that to all of you configurations for any application that you use in Linux are text files and reside in the /etc directory. I know from experience that editing a text file is considerably easier than editing the registry.

So what then is the problem? Are you afraid to learn something new? It costs you absolutely nothing to try or buy so it can’t be the cost. If you are reading this then you have the intelligence to learn and run Linux.

Go ahead think about it. Stop buying licenses that don’t even let you own the software let alone install it on as many machines as you need to.

Download an easy to use distribution such as Ubuntu or CentOS and find the freedom of using and installing software on as many machines as you need. No cost to you unless you opt to buy a pre-burned set of CD’s for about $5. Ubuntu is more for a regular user and CentOS is more for an Administrator or Power User type who need stability and likes to run servers and experiment with software on their local machine.

When it is all said and done you will be glad that you did.


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