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Nov 10 2008   6:02PM GMT

Russia and Cuba kick out Microsoft in favor of Open Source Software

John Little Profile: Xjlittle

In a recent article that I ran across the two Governments have decided that Open Source is what they should be using instead of Microsoft. They stated the normal reasons that we usually hear when a government makes this decision. Primarily it has to do with economics and the introduction of Open Source Software into their fiscal institutions, schools and government institutions.

To use their words a move like this

Alexei Smirnov said that the distribution of free software as in Cuba, and Russia is a strategic priority related to the sovereignty of countries

Like I said this sounds like pretty much the same reasons that we hear from other governments making this move.

What really bothered me though were some of the comments that were made regarding this article and Russia’s and Cuba’s decision.

OMG and this is supposed to be a “good thing”, sure russia and cuba, socialist/communist regemes, uses assinations, fear and extortion, and are very against the American way of life,

but becuase they are using linux, and supposedly again Microsoft, you know that company that employes thousands of Americans and western people all over the world.

that makes this kind of thing good.

So you would not mind if Linux was used in russian cruse missiles pointed at the US, as long as they accepted the GPLv2. ??

you guys are a freaking joke,


You’re absolutely right: torture, imprisonment without trial, illegal “disappearances” and a cynical disregard for international norms like the Geneva Convention are completely unacceptable, whatever the operating system.

Really now. How long has it been since Russia has been a serious threat to the US or any other country? From where I sit they get involved in the same political battles of right and wrong that we do. Their Nuclear Missiles have long been destroyed.

An speaking of supporting countries that have countless human rights violations what about China and the Olympics. Did you watch them or boycott them in favor of your idealism?

IMHO Russia and other countries are beginning to grasp the realities and advantages of the freedom of people to think and do and starting to reap the benefits of it for their own countries. Russia even acknowledged Alexei Smirnov, CEO of ALT Linux, as leader in bringing this movement to bear. If you didn’t know ALT Linux is developed in Russia.

The negative statements made above are from non thinking people who are going to find fault with anything and everything. That is their right as people living in a free country or countries. It is also the right of Russia, which is a country that is working towards freedom, to decide to build and deploy Open Source Software in their institutions and schools.


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