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Nov 26 2008   5:10PM GMT

KPlaylist: make your music available anywhere at home or over the internet

John Little Profile: Xjlittle

KPlaylist is what I call an MP3 server although it can stream just about any format of music or video.

I have used KPlaylist for several years now. It is an application that I thoroughly enjoy using for listening to my music anywhere that I have an internet or network connection.

KPlaylist is a PHP based script. It requires Apache (or some web server) and MySQL to function properly.

Set up is a breeze with the exeption of running SELinux on your web server. See my previous post about working around these difficulties.

SELinux aside download and extract KPlaylist wherever your document root is for the web server that you plan to use. I have a virtual host setup for KPlaylist so that is where I extract the files. The virtual host DNS is provided by no-ipin case you are interested.

After you have extracted the file open the index.php file. You will need to answer a few questions here.

[root@web multimedia]# vi index.php

$db = array(
'host' => 'mysql0.home.local', # MySql server
'name' => 'kplaylist', # Database name
'user' => 'kplaylist', # MySql user
'pass' => 'kplaylist', # MySql password
'prepend' => 'KPL_' # To prepend before the table names

Once you have the questions answered simply browse to the directory on your machine where you extracted the files. You will probably need to make a host entry in your /etc/hosts file with your inside address. I would also use a server alias in your http document root or virtual host container that you will use for access your server when at home.

At this point all of the values should already be filled in for you so you simply need to click continue. Once the database is created you will need to tell KPlaylist where your music is located. You do this by clicking on settings=>File Handling and filling in the path where is asks for "Base Directory". The settings menu is found on the left hand side of the screen.


Once you set this path you should see the titles of your music show up in the right hand screen. Be sure and go through all of the admin and user settings so that you can define the look and feel of KPlaylist. You can also set it up so that it will only stream music or give your users the ability to download from your site.


Have fun keeping and sharing your music wherever you go! Send a note to all of your friends and family about your site. Not only will they enjoy it they will upload or send you their music to place on the site as well.


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  • Neely615
    This post is a bit old, so hopefully you will still respond. You say you are running this off a virtual server. I was thinking about doing the same thing since if I would rather have a separate VM versus my actual computer. As far as setting up the VM, did you put all your music in the virtual disk, or just share the music folder. Basically I want to make sure that my files are untouchable. Any thoughts would be appreciated, and also, not sure if there is a guest type password to try out your Kplaylist, but that would be cool too, since right now I am debating between slimserver, jinzora, kplaylist and subsonic. Honestly, due to low bandwidth at the house, I wouldn't mind the idea of a hosting solution. Thanks for your time with my total noob questions.
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  • EditorAnne
    Neely615 I have my music on a file server that is nfs mounted to the web server. Both of these are virtualized. The file server has to start before the web server so that the web server will mount the nfs share and apache/kplaylist can access it. I find it more "comfortable" from a security standpoint to have my file server, web server and other servers on different [virtual] machines. That way if one of them crashes or gets hacked I only have one server/service to rebuild. There is no guest login. I think it is only 4 lines to login-less time that it took me to type this sentence :-) -j
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