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November, 2008

November 11, 2008  2:59 AM

CentOS 5 and pciback aka hiding pci card from Xen DOM0

John Little Profile: Xjlittle

I just recently spent more hours than I care to think about getting a NIC in Xen Dom0 hidden and passed to a DomU via pciback in CentOS 5. Lesson number 1: pciback or pciback.hide is now a module. Putting it on GRUB's kernel line is no longer sufficient. Lesson number 2: If you NIC module...

November 10, 2008  6:02 PM

Russia and Cuba kick out Microsoft in favor of Open Source Software

John Little Profile: Xjlittle

In a recent article that I ran across the two Governments have decided that Open Source is what they should be using instead of Microsoft. They stated the normal reasons that we usually hear when a...

November 8, 2008  2:59 PM

Help! root can’t login

John Little Profile: Xjlittle

I occasionally see the post Help! root can't login on some of the discussion boards around the net. Generally this is for two reasons. Either the account has expired or a forgotten password. The forgotten password is straightforward to fix. When booting the machine enter the grub menu. Your...

November 5, 2008  2:56 PM

Maintaining your sanity with SELinux

John Little Profile: Xjlittle

Yes I know..everyone wants to turn off selinux. The Notes Domino people even tell you to turn off selinux before installing Domino. While this is probably a good idea for them in normal server cases it is maybe not such a good idea under normal circumstances. SeLinux is another excellent layer...

November 3, 2008  5:00 PM

Using hosts.allow and hosts.deny aka tcpwrappers effectively

John Little Profile: Xjlittle

The hosts.allow and hosts.deny files located under the /etc directory are collectively known as tcpwrappers. tcpwrappers along with iptables is an effective solution to protecting your network and individual servers. The hosts.allow and hosts.deny files have some fairly simple syntax rules to...

November 2, 2008  3:34 AM

Logging for BIND in a chroot environment

John Little Profile: Xjlittle

Today while setting up a new BIND server I decided that it might be a good time to start using the chroot-bind package in a chroot environment. This presented a set of challenges that I wasn't quite expecting. While they weren't difficult to sort out I thought that i might help you save some...

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