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November, 2008

November 30, 2008  11:02 PM

Use UNetbootin to install Linux or BSD

John Little Profile: Xjlittle

I ran across UNetbootin after pulling out my old tablet pc and found the Windows OS full of viruses, malware and whatever someone could put on there. After looking around for the most viable distribution to install on a tablet pc I landed on...

November 26, 2008  5:10 PM

KPlaylist: make your music available anywhere at home or over the internet

John Little Profile: Xjlittle

KPlaylist is what I call an MP3 server although it can stream just about any format of music or video. I have used KPlaylist for several years now. It is an application that I thoroughly enjoy using for listening to my music anywhere that I have an...

November 23, 2008  11:49 PM

Photo editing comes to cloud computing with Picnik

John Little Profile: Xjlittle

Picnik is a photo editing application that is provided over the internet through your browser. In other words it is an application that is in the cloud. It is a cross platform application that works with Linux, Windows and Mac. For Linux there are two...

November 21, 2008  8:28 PM

SELinux and what I’ve learned in the last two days..

John Little Profile: Xjlittle

I am bringing up a new Virtual Host with VMs of MySQL, music-repo and a webserver. All of these are on CentOS with SELinux enabled. No, I'm not a glutton for punishments using SELinux for all of these machines that are interconnected to each other. I believe the time is coming when organizations...

November 20, 2008  12:28 AM

Take a break, read some Thanksgiving humor

John Little Profile: Xjlittle

Having had a tough couple of weeks at work I came home tonight thinking "I need something funny in my so called life". At work it seems to be on thing after another and not much better at home. In short I'm tired as many people who work in IT can become. After thinking about it for awhile...

November 17, 2008  6:32 PM

Setting up your firewall on domU with iptables

John Little Profile: Xjlittle

As discussed in an earlier post you must first hide your NIC from dom0 to set up your iptables firewall on your domU. After you have successfully hidden the NIC from dom0 then we can proceed to our domU firewall setup. You must first decide which domU that you are going to use for a firewall. ...

November 16, 2008  10:12 PM

Set your hardware and system clocks with the date and hwclock commands

John Little Profile: Xjlittle

Today we're looking at the date and hwclock commands to set your system and hardware clocks. Have you ever put a server into production only to realize that you had not set the hardware clock to UTC or any other time? When you've already put the machine into production it's pretty difficult to...

November 14, 2008  3:26 PM

Application Whitelisting for Window..or is it SELinux

John Little Profile: Xjlittle

I recently read an article in eWeek that talked extensively about Application Whitelisting. The more of the article that I read this seems to be nothing more than SELinux on Windows. The Windows people are looking to lock down their machines because of the horrendous numbers of viruses, trojans...

November 12, 2008  9:39 PM

Which procesors support hardware assisted virtualization?

John Little Profile: Xjlittle

Today as I was looking for a new workstation it occurred to me that I didn't know which of them had the HVM or hardware assisted technology that I require. As an administrator I like to have this technology on my workstation so that I can test various builds, updates and so on before putting them...

November 12, 2008  3:08 AM

Finally, Virtualization testing for Xen, ESX, Hyper-V and more

John Little Profile: Xjlittle

Information Week has announced a test among several virtual machine vendors including Citrix, ESX, Microsoft's Hyper-V, Parallels and Virtual Iron. This comparison is what Information Week calls a rolling review. This is where, over a period of time, all of the products are pitted against one...

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