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June 24, 2015  10:42 PM

Social media and the evolution of the job hunt

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This is a guest blog by Andy Summer, managing director at

The way we search for jobs is constantly evolving and has historically been shaped by major technological developments. For example, in the nineteenth century the railways opened up new...

December 12, 2013  4:43 PM

Can you climb the career ladder by building social media connections?

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This is a guest blog from Gareth Cartman, director of digital marketing at Clever Little Design.

November 26, 2013  3:08 PM

Why is technical recruitment such a task?

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This is a guest blog by Katrina Collier, a leading authority on the use of Social Media for Recruitment & Job...

September 9, 2013  1:34 PM

How to stay on top of the never-ending digital evolution

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val-photo (2).JPGThis is a guest blog from Val Atsu a director at Joseph Media.


August 1, 2013  4:46 PM

The not so obvious IT job: Finding the right IT career (highlighting various jobs available in IT)

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This is a guest blog from Val Atsu a director at Joseph Media.


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