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July 26, 2012  6:45 PM

The IT Blog Top 10: iOS 6 is on the way!

Michael Tidmarsh Michael Tidmarsh Profile: Michael Tidmarsh

Matt Heusser leads the way with three posts in this week’s IT Blog Top 10. What’s topping your list this week?

1. Ron Miller discusses how iOS is beating Android in the battle of phone operating systems, even if market share numbers say otherwise.

2&3. Matt Heusser takes a look at the enticing new tuition reimbursement program Amazon created for its warehouse workers…and then gives us the bad news in a follow-up post.

4. Big news for SAP as Todd Morrison announces the company made SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 Feature Pack 3 available to the public.

5. Get ready Apple fans: iOS 6 is on its way! Adam Riglian reports developers are currently working through the kinks but the final product will be ready by the fall.

6. Oracle leads the way in Gartner’s report on the RDBMS market by a significant margin, reports Mark Fontecchio.

7. Adam Riglian explains how a new IT sector is emerging with the rise of cloud applications: Cloud Application Performance Management.

8. Heusser questions new Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer’s experience and if she’s the right person to lead the company.

9. Sulaiman Syed explains the difference between the Cisco Nexus 7000 M1, F1, and F2 line cards.

10. Dave Raffo reports EMC executives believe IT spending will be lower than previously projected due to customers showing ‘more caution and scrutiny’ when it comes to purchases.

July 23, 2012  12:28 PM

Hello from your new Community Manager

Ben Rubenstein Ben Rubenstein Profile: Ben Rubenstein

I’d like to officially introduce myself to the IT Knowledge Exchange community. As your new community manager, I’ll be spending a lot of time making sure this site offers the best possible experience for all of our members.

Along with Michael Tidmarsh, our assistant community manager, I’ll be contributing to and promoting discussions, writing on our Community blog and our Enterprise IT Watch blog, working with and expanding our strong network of bloggers and helping out with promotions and special events. If you have an issue or question regarding the community, you can contact me ( and I’ll do my best to address it.

I come to this role after several years working in online media, for both large news organizations and community sites. Most recently, I was the editor of and a frequent contributor to the Windows Server Notebook blog. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from the many experts who participate here.

I’m excited to be a part of this vibrant community. If you have any ideas on how we can improve IT Knowledge Exchange, please let me know. This site is ultimately all about your interests and involvement; I’m just here to make sure it all goes smoothly.

Ben (aka brubensteintt)

July 19, 2012  6:27 PM

The IT Blog Top 10: What happens to TomKat’s data?

Michael Tidmarsh Michael Tidmarsh Profile: Michael Tidmarsh

This week’s IT Blog Top 10 has something for everyone: Katie’s data break-up with Tom, Yahoo’s password breach and Black Hat 2012. Let us know your favorite post in the comments section below.

1. Mr Denny has a message for the SQL community: Stop using SQL logins!

2. Randy Kerns ponders why Katie Holmes left Tom Cruise and guesses what will be done with their data records.

3. Are you having trouble with completing your SSL handshake in NRPE? Expert Eric Hansen provides the answer.

4. Marcia Savage calms user fears by explaining Yahoo’s solution to its password breach.

5. Todd Morrison announces the SAP BusinessObjects 4.0, Feature Pack 3 release date and details the new features.

6. Sharon Fisher reports on what she found in the new Gartner Enterprise Backup/Recovery Magic Quadrant.

7. Do you know the difference between ‘racking’ and ‘wracking’? Ivy Wigmore tells you the answer.

8. Nathan the IT guy announces the big news: Users can now pre-order the Google Nexus 7 from Canadian retailers.

9. Leah Rosin reports on Microsoft’s changes to the Microsoft Office 365 channel program.

10. Robert Westervelt talks to Trey Ford, general manager of Black Hat 2012, about the upcoming Black Hat security conference.

Michael Tidmarsh is the assistant community manager for

July 10, 2012  4:42 PM

The Most-Watched IT Questions: July 10, 2012

Michael Tidmarsh Michael Tidmarsh Profile: Michael Tidmarsh

Do any of this week’s most-watched IT questions hold the answer to your most recent tech problems? Come check them out and let us know!

1. CharlieBrowne explains to Anupsshelke how many files can go into a RPGLE program.

2. Once again, CharlieBrowne comes to the rescue as he shows Anupsshelke how to comment on a line in PF, LF, CL and RPG.

3. The trio of Splat, Philpl1jb and CharlieBrowne discuss which command to use hold/kill a program in a job queue.

4. Do you need help finding spool files fast? Don’t worry, CharlieBrowne has the answer for you.

5. Check out Andyhumphreys’s  answer on how to set up a library list for a batch job. Continued »

June 26, 2012  7:15 PM

11 Things you need to know about Oracle Solaris 11 (Sponsored Post)

Guest Author Profile: Guest Author

It’s no secret that moving to the cloud can help you simplify infrastructure management and realize some impressive resource utilization benefits – but at what cost?

Amid growing data security and manageability concerns, many businesses are starting to worry they’ve bit off more cloud than they can chew.

Check out this brief video today to discover the key features offered in Oracle Solaris 11, an emerging software solution designed to boost the performance, security and success of your cloud, and then tune in tomorrow, June 27th at 11am EST for a live chat where you can get the answers to today’s most pressing cloud questions and challenges. Continue on to get started.

June 20, 2012  12:14 PM

The Most-Watched IT Questions: June 19, 2012

Michael Tidmarsh Michael Tidmarsh Profile: Michael Tidmarsh

It’s that time of the week again when we highlight the Top 10 Most Watched Questions of the week. Take a look at what your fellow IT pros are concerned about this week — and, more importantly, lend a hand if you can! Thanks and have a great week!

1. BigKat and TomLiotta discuss how to add another field to a logical file using AS/400.

2. CharlieBrowne and TomLiotta shows SOW the way in finding information for designing a display screen.

3. The trio of Bvining, CharlieBrowne and TomLiotta help Anupsshelke correct an AS/400 code to fetch the current date, time and year.

4. The four horsemen of Splat, TomLiotta, CharlieBrowne and ToddN2000 show Assa how to solve the CPF3309 error message.

5. CharlieBrowne and TomLiotta share their knowledge on how to recompile 250 objects in an existing physical fileContinued »

May 2, 2012  5:07 PM

Information Security Decisions hosts LIVE #ISD12 Tweetchat on Friday, May 4 @ 12:00 PM EST

Guest Author Profile: Guest Author

Please join us for our #ISD12 TweetChat! As our annual Information Security Decisions New York Conference approaches, we’re excited to get the conversations started! Lindsay Jeanloz (@TT_Edit_Events), Director of Editorial Events, and Mike Mimoso (@Mike_Mimoso), Editorial Director of the Security Media Group, will be hosting this #ISD12 TweetChat “In Real Life” from 12:00-1:00 pm EST this Friday, May 4 in the #ISD12 TweetChat Room. We’re thrilled to have conference speakers Diana Kelley (@securitycurve) and Dan Guido (@dguido) participate in the conversation!

Continued »

April 24, 2012  3:49 PM

The IT Blog Top 10: April 24, 2012

Michael Tidmarsh Michael Tidmarsh Profile: Michael Tidmarsh

Whether you want to catch up on the latest in IT news or you want information on Oracle vs. Google and EMC’s latest developments, we’ve got just what you need in this week’s IT Blog Top 10.

1. Nathan the IT Guy announces the Transformer Pad Infinity will be ready to ship the week of June 15th.

2. Jack Vaughan reports on the latest details surrounding Oracle’s case against Google.

3. Robin Miller talks to Chris Mader, managing director at Randstad Technologies, about its report that IT workers’ confidence is at an all-time high.

4. Ben Rubenstein brings us the latest announcements about Microsoft’s products including the Deployment Toolkit 2012, Windows Intune and Windows 8 SKUs.

5. Ron Miller talks about his recent trip to an AT&T store to see if the Lumia 900 was receiving special treatment. Continued »

April 17, 2012  12:58 PM

The IT Blog Top 10: April 17, 2012

Michael Tidmarsh Michael Tidmarsh Profile: Michael Tidmarsh

Once again, news and views on tablets take top sports as ITKnowledgeExchange bloggers share Google’s latest plans, Asus’ latest gadget and HP’s plunge into the cloud.

1. Ron Miller tries to understand why Google is attempting to sell branded tablets online after its failed phone strategy.

2. Nathan the IT Guy continues his updates on the Transformer Pad Infinity release date.

3. Jack Vaughan speaks to Joyent CTO and co-founder Jason Hoffman about what Node.js is and why his company embraced the JavaScript architecture.

4. The Head in the Clouds blog reports on OpDemand’s integration with GitHub and Puppet Labs.

5. Nathan talks more about Asus Transformer Pad and the mysterious video from Asus. Continued »

April 16, 2012  3:03 AM

The most-watched IT questions: April 12, 2012

Michael Tidmarsh Michael Tidmarsh Profile: Michael Tidmarsh

Do any of this week’s most-watched IT questions help you with any of your latest problems? Come check them out!

1. Rechil and Harisheldon1960 explain to Pst25 how many times you can reinstall Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010.

2. The trio of TomLiotta, WoodEngineer and CoderHal help Pt0505 code a RPGLE program.

3. CharlieBrown, Philpl1jb and Carlosdl discuss the ‘BLANKS’ code in a SQL statement.

4. Several community members come together as they try to solve BDLmichael’s problem solving a iSeries command error.

5. CharlieBrown, TomLiotta, and Philpl1jb work together to create an AS/400 printer file with too many records.

6. Are you a XML expert? Come share your knowledge as Sinha20 needs help comparing multiple element values.

7. CharlieBrown and TomLiotta give details on how to get a caller program list.

8. Harisheldon1960 and Rechil come to Pathway71’s rescue by helping create my Window Vista desktop into a file server.

9. Philpl1jb and BigKat have fun discussing how to achieve FULL OUTER JOIN on three files in a SQLRPGLE program.

10. CharlieBrown solves Islander74’s problem about printing libraries from the Operations Navigator in IBM iSeries 6.1.

Michael Tidmarsh is the assistant community editor at He can be reached at

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