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July 1, 2013  6:31 PM

Top ITKE blog posts of June 2013

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There was some tag-team action in June as Ron Miller and Ed Tittel placed several entries in ITKE’s top blog posts for the month. Find out why their posts were so hot (HINT: Some of them had to do with Microsoft).

June 12, 2013  3:54 PM

Book giveaway: MySQL (5th Edition)

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Continuing to experience phenomenal growth and popularity throughout the IT industry, MySQL has proven to be well-suited for developing database-backed websites and applications. Take advantage of this growing system by taking a look at Paul DuBois’s book, MySQL, 5th Edition, which is a great guide to fully exploiting all the power and versatility of MySQL 5.5 and MySQL 5.6. We have an excerpt of the book on our IT Bookworm blog.

And guess what…we’re giving away a copy of the book! To win, tell us how you have used MySQL in previous projects. Good luck!

June 5, 2013  2:04 PM

Top ITKE blog posts of May 2013

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Tablets were the talk of the blogger world in May and many tablet-related posts made their way into ITKE’s top blog posts for the month. Check out why they were such a bit hit with our bloggers.

  • What is OpenStack? by Brian Gracely (From Silos to Services: Cloud Computing for the Enterprise)

May 17, 2013  6:41 PM

Compliance Frameworks Live Chat: June 25, 2013

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Join us on Tuesday, June 25th at 11:00 AM EST for a live Q&A with our expert speaker Tony UcedaVelez, who will answer your questions on planning your enterprise compliance strategy.

Compliance is the dirty word that no security professional likes to mention and few business and technology leaders think fondly of. This is primarily because compliance is perceived as something that has to be done versus something that helps improve business process or technology. The stigma is mostly a product of poor compliance effort execution rather than disdain for regulatory requirements.  No one disagrees that more oversight and security validation is needed, but the manner in which it has been validated can vastly improve. Although HIPAA, FISMA, FFIEC, PCI-DSS, and many other regulatory compliance frameworks have changed significantly over the past 20 years, approaches to addressing compliance within both Fortune 500 and SMB organizations have had a lackluster reign of innovation.

Similar to recent rhetoric around baking security in, this presentation will introduce pioneering methods for how compliance efforts could be introduced earlier in software/system development life cycles and change management workflows via asset-centric threat modeling methodologies, and will demonstrate how more collaborative portrayals of compliance efforts can be achieved across an organization. Register today!


Tony UcedaVelez
Founder and managing partner, VerSprite, CRISC, CISM, CISA, GIAC

Tony UcedaVelez has more than 14 years of hands-on security and technology experience across government, healthcare, financial, education and utility sectors. UcedaVelez founded VerSprite with the premise of redefining security services to a point that it reflects a hybrid and balanced approach in understanding client needs.

May 14, 2013  8:01 PM

Book giveaway: Hacking for Dummies (part 2)

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Major security surveys and reports continually show that passwords are one of the greatest weaknesses on enterprise networks. Criminal hackers exploit weak passwords for their ill-gotten gains as do malicious employees and other insiders. Even advance malware can take advantage of weak passwords. Something has to change. But you can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge. That’s why Kevin Beaver’s book, Hacking for Dummies: 4th edition, presents the latest tools and techniques you can use to cover weak passwords in your environment and to minimize password risks once and for all. We have an excerpt of the book on our IT Bookworm Blog.

Since we’re feeling generous, we’re giving away five more copies of the book, all signed by Kevin Beaver himself! To win a copy, tell us “What do you believe is the greatest contributor to information security problems in your organization, or if you’re not into self-incrimination, society as a whole?” Good luck!

May 14, 2013  4:00 PM

Featured blogger: Aaron Delp

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Aaron Delp

ITKnowledgeExchange recently had the chance to talk to ITKE blogger and this month’s ‘featured blogger’ Aaron Delp. His blog, Clouds in the Open: The Operations Evolution of Open Source & Public Clouds, covers the latest trends and technology affecting the operation and maintenance of Open Source and public clouds.

ITKE: Tell us a little about yourself: What do you do? What’s your area of expertise?

AD: I am the Senior Director of Technical Marketing for the Citrix Cloud Platforms Group. I help create and define our technical materials and message for XenServer, Citrix CloudPlatform (based off the Apache Foundation’s CloudStack), and Cloud Portal Business Manager. Marketing is new to me; I have historically been involved in pre-sales and post-sales architecture, design, installation and operation of numerous products over the last 15 years or so. In addition I co-founded and co-host the Cloudcast (.net) podcast with Brian Gracely. We cover all aspects and trends in Cloud Computing including a recent spin off podcast due to popular demand hosted by Brian Katz called the Mobilecast.

ITKE: If you weren’t working in IT, you’d be…

AD: That’s a great question. I’ve been so heavily involved in IT for so long…I would have to say it would be something involved with a business at the beach.  My wife and I take our family to the beach at least two or three times a year to get away and unplug. My kids love the water and beach so that time together is very special to us. My wife and I always joke that retirement would be an ice cream cart on the beach.

ITKE: Who’s one person you look up to in the IT world, and why?

AD: Actually two people, not well known in the IT community and both from my IBM days. I had the privilege of having two exceptional managers while I was at IBM that really shaped both my career and how I approach my daily work as well as my career. They both taught me the how of doing work is just as important as checking things off a list and moving on. They are both taught me to make sure I enjoy my work on a daily basis and not just collect a paycheck. If you enjoy what you are doing, everything else (including additional opportunities) just falls into place.

ITKE: How do you see the future of IT developing over the next decade?

AD: I see two major movements coming – mobile devices and the decentralization of IT resources. I believe IT departments as we see them today (operations centers) will become less prevalent over time and IT will become more of an aggregation point for decentralized services. We don’t live in a one solution fits all kind of IT world anymore. We need to match the use case and workload to a solution and we are just starting to see the introduction of the technologies to make this a reality.

ITKE: What advice would you give prospective IT workers (say college students)?

AD: Learn mobile platforms and play with public clouds. There are many aspects of mobile that need to be mastered (writing applications, API interfaces to external services, device management and data security) and this is a growing problem for traditional IT. Most traditional IT shops don’t have the skills to keep up with the pace of the demand. One of the strongest use cases I see today for public cloud is test/dev of mobile platforms. The two almost go hand in hand and I see that trend continuing over time.

May 1, 2013  7:28 PM

Top ITKE blog posts of April 2013

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Cloud computing, security, mobile, storage…these topics were all included in ITKE’s top blog posts for April. Find out what our bloggers were saying about each topic.

April 12, 2013  4:06 PM

Identity and Access Management Security supercast – May 7, 2013

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Join us on May 7th at 11:00 AM EST for an exclusive live web chat with expert Peter H. Gregory who will answer your questions on planning your enterprise IAM integration.

The world in which successful IAM programs must be implemented is increasingly complex. This includes a mix of legacy on-premise IAM infrastructures, cloud-based IDaaS for hybrid cloud infrastructures, and mobile devices that are either an authentication token in disguise or a disaster waiting to happen. This supercast will lay out the pitfalls and opportunities of moving your current IAM solutions forward into highly integrated scenarios. How can IAM be delivered cost effectively? What are the emerging threats to these more exposed systems? What are the strategic advantages to forward-thinking IAM deployments? Expert Peter H. Gregory will answer all these questions and try to provide you with the right IAM program. Register today!

April 10, 2013  3:47 PM

Featured blogger: Alan Sharp-Paul

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ITKnowledgeExchange recently talked to one of ITKE’s newest bloggers and this month’s ‘featured blogger’ Alan Sharp-Paul. His blog, DevOps and the Enterprise, tackles the mysteries surrounding DevOps and uncovers the benefits to the enterprise of automation and collaboration.

ITKE: Tell us a little bit about yourself: What do you do? What’s your area of expertise?

ASP: I’m currently Cofounder and Co-CEO of a startup, ScriptRock, which does automated configuration testing. I’ve come from corporate IT, predominantly financial services. I’m a developer at heart but during my career I’ve spanned a range of roles from developer to architect to process specialist and even a brief stint as a project manager. Right now I’m focused mainly on DevOps, essentially applying the skills I’ve learned in development, particularly test driven development, to the configuration and infrastructure space. 

ITKE: If you weren’t working in IT, you’d be…

ASP: I like to think I’m creative although I’d be worried if I had to make a career of it. I’d like to think I’d be a writer or a comedian but I probably would have ended up leading a life far less romantic.

ITKE: Who’s one person you look up to in the IT world, and why?

ASP: In an age where young entrepreneurs are revered as gods, I much prefer those who go about building real businesses with minimal fanfare. Dave Duffield and Aneel Bhusri of Workday, Fred Luddy of Service-now and Splunk’s Michael Baum are the first that come to mind. Not many people on the street would know these names but they’ve taken their experience and turned it into billion dollar businesses built on real revenue, not page views or PR.

ITKE: How do you see the future of IT developing over the next decade?

ASP: I agree with Marc Andreessen that software is eating the world. Software Defined Infrastructure is the current wave and is the main reason we started ScriptRock (if you define something in software you must test it after all). It’s taking a step further now though with the advent of Software Defined Networking. With the increased commoditization of processing, storage and bandwidth I do believe that the stage is set for the next wave of truly great companies to all be, in some shape or form, software companies.

ITKE: What advice would you give prospective IT workers (say college students)?

ASP: My advice to all those who are getting into IT because they want to build their own business and is simply this. Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur these days. The market is flooded and the chance of success in the most publicized areas of B2C is incredibly small. If you want to maximize your chance of building a great business and to give yourself an advantage over your peers, do the unthinkable. Work in the Enterprise. Nowhere on this planet do more problems exist that people are willing to pay to have solved. I may be glad to be out of corporate life for now but I never could have started ScriptRock without the knowledge I gained from working there.

April 1, 2013  8:34 PM

Top ITKE blog posts of March 2013

Michael Tidmarsh Michael Tidmarsh Profile: Michael Tidmarsh

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It was the Ron Miller and Matt Heusser show as several of their posts made ITKE’s top blog posts for March. So what were they (and others) writing about?

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